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ROWAN'S SECOND GORILLA—The Ro wan Gorilla II shortly after its recent launch at

Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Company's construction facility in the Republic of Singa- pore. The massive jackup is scheduled for delivery to Houston-based Rowan Companies,

Inc. this month. With the rig in the water, the rest of its three 504-foot-tall steel lattice-work legs will be added. The first Gorilla rig, the

Rowan Gorilla I, has been drilling near Sable

Island, offshore Halifax, Nova Scotia, since early in 1984. The Rowan Gorilla III, now under con- struction at Marathon LeTourneau's rig yard in

Vicksburg, Miss., is scheduled for delivery near the end of this year.

Halpern And Liou Promoted

At M. Rosenblatt & Son

Stephen Halpern Yong T. Liou

Lester Rosenblatt, chairman of M. Rosen- blatt & Son, Inc., naval architects and marine engineers, recently announced the appointment of Stephen Halpern as vice president and manager, Western Division, and Yong T. Liou as assistant vice president and chief engineer of the San Francisco office. The Western Division is headquartered in San Francisco, with branch offices in San Diego, Honolulu, Oxnard, Calif.,

Bremerton, Wash., and Yokosuka, Japan.

Mr. Halpern joined the Rosenblatt firm in 1953 as a program manager in the New York office. He became chief engineer of the Western

Division in 1963, and held that position until the retirement of Ephraim (Fred) Kaufman as manager of the Division. He is a civil engineer- ing graduate of Lehigh University and has taken courses in naval architectue at MlT.

Mr. Liou joined Rosenblatt's San Francisco office in 1963 after receiving his master's degree in naval architecture from the University of Cal- ifornia in Berkeley. He was later appointed head of the Hull Engineering Department, a position he held for 12 years.

Screw Compressors Improve

Air Conditioning Reliability —Free Literature Available

Increased operating reliability, less mainte- nance, and better adaptability to different cli- matic conditions—these are some of the experi- ences reported by Swedish shipowners Johnson

Line and Brostroms, who have become the first to test a new air-conditioning technique by put- ting it into full-scale shipboard operation.

September 15, 1984

These two companies have replaced piston compressors previously installed on two ships—

Johnson's Chemspan and Brostroms' Viking- land—with screw compressors. These compres- sors, called Miniscrew and manufactured by

Stal Refrigeration AB of Sweden, are the result of a new concept based on more than 20 years of successful development in cooling techniques for marine applications. The new compressors operate in a low-capacity range, 160-700 kw cooling power, which was previously considered uneconomical for screw compressors.

The Miniscrew range consists of six screw compressors with economizer versions. The compressors are also designed to work with high-pressure flow up to 380 psi. The system uses all standard refrigerants, and operates at power frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz.

Independent surveys have shown that mainte- nance costs can be halved compared with piston compressors. In addition, the risk of breakdown is minimal. According to the Marine Research

Institute in Flensburg, West Germany, the ratio is given as 1:10 in comparison with piston com- pressors.

The Miniscrew range is designed with either horizontal or vertical compressor mounting.

This allows for compact installations and en- ables the units to be easily adapted to existing plant, foundations, etc.

Behind the newly launched Miniscrew con- cept, based on the operation of two asymmetri- cal rotors with four and six lobes, respectively, and in the smaller stroke volume ranges, is more than 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture, and installation of screw compres- sors and compressor units.

For further information and free literature on the Miniscrew compressors,

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Bell Halter SES Chartered

For Offshore Oil Rig Supply

Work In Gulf Of Suez

Bell Halter Inc. of New Orleans has entered into an agreement whereby Offshore GAC Ser- vices, Ltd. will charter a 110-foot surface effect ship (SES) to transport supplies and personnel to oil rigs in the Gulf of Suez, offshore Egypt.

The announcement was made by Bell Halter president John J. Kelly.

The vessel, Margaret Jill, is scheduled to depart New Orleans in time to begin operations in Egypt before the end of this year. This SES will be similar to those chartered to Command

Marine, Inc. of Lafayette, La. That company was the first commercial operator of the Bell

Halter SES, and has operated them in the Gulf of Mexico since 1981.

Offshore GAC Services, with primary opera- tions in the Middle East, is well postured to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the SES in that area, according to spokesmen for the companies.

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