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S.S. United States To Auction

Contents Prior To Total Renovation

According to William H. Be- van, president of Marine Technolo- gies and Brokerage Corp., the S.S.

United States will shortly begin re- movals in preparation for its move- ment to the shipyard for a complete retrofit. The vessel will undergo a massive rip-out and rebuild, which will convert it from the world's fast- est superliner to a superior world class cruise vessel.

The entire contents of furniture and art work will be placed at auc- tion in the Norfolk International

Terminal, Norfolk, Va., from Octo- ber 8 to October 14, 1984. The auc- tion sight is adjacent to the vessel, which has been laid up in a remark- able state of preservation, due to a complete dehumidification system which was installed shortly after the vessel went out of service.

Mr. Bevan indicated that in ad- dition to the very typical 50's furni- ture, there will be many unique items such as the 20-foot Mercator

Chart, 3-foot by 4-foot Indian Sand

Paintings, large crystal inlaid wall panels and aluminum sculpture, unique to this famous ship. Nautical items such as entire bridge controls, gyro compasses, Chelsea Clocks, aluminum deck chairs, life jackets with ships name and even six life boats. Other nostalgic items will be blankets, silver service, china and crystal, all displaying the famous

United States Lines spread winged eagle.

In order for potential buyers to view items placed at auction, there will be regular scheduled tours of the vessel which will include most of the vessels most unique public rooms, sample staterooms and even the navigation bridge.

These tours will begin September 29 and continue throughout the auc- tion until October 14, 1984.

For details concerning these events, information will be available from the following: AUCTION &

CATALOGUE—October 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, Guernsey's Auc- tion, 253 East 77th Street, New

York, N.Y. 10021, (212) 628-1702;

TOURS—September 28 through

October 14, Cruise International, 250 Janaf Plaza, Norfolk, Va. 23502, (804) 461-3555.

MarAd Approves Title XI

On $5.7-Million Barge

Reconstruction Work

The Maritime Administration has approved in principle an application from Puget Sound Tug & Barge

Company of San Francisco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowley Mari- time Corporation, for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the reconstruction of two single-deck railcar barges. FMC Corporation of

Portland built the oceangoing ves- sels, which are named Barge 500-3 and Barge 500-4.

The two barges, along with two other oceangoing deck barges, will be operated by Arctic Marine

Freighters, a division of Puget

Sound T&B, to provide contract barge and railcar barge services be- tween the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

The Title XI appproval is for $3,807,000, or 75 percent of the actual cost of $5,744,270.

Imi-Tech Offers Catalog

Of Insulating Products

For Marine Applications

Imi-Tech Corporation, Elk

Grove, 111., recently announced the availability of its new marine prod- ucts brochure describing its line of lightweight, fire-resistant insulating products for marine applications.

The brochure, Catalog No. 584, also describes the unique core mate- rial, Solimide® polyimide foam, which is used in the manufacture of this family of marine products. Hav- ing great resistance to open flame,

Solimide foam emits virtually no smoke or incapacitating toxic by- products. In addition, the material's light weight (0. 5 to 0.7 pounds/ft3), offers weight savings of 50 to 70 per- cent vs. conventional acoustical and thermal insulating materials. In use aboard the CG47 Class cruisers, Sol- imide-based marine products offer the Navy and shipbuilders consider- able benefits in terms of labor sav- ings, as the products' low weight and physical integrity permit a vari- ety of improved installation tech- niques.

Solimide foam is available in ma- rine end products which include thermal and acoustical hull board, acoustical ceiling panels, duct wrap, duct lining and for other shipboard applications.

For further information regarding these marine products,

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The HARBORMASTER is the practical answer to powering work barges, sectionals, por- table pipe-line dredges, etc. Marine power where you want it—when you want it.

A self contained propulsion unit that can be handled at the job site and transported to another without the need for heavy lift equip-- ment or low bed trailers.

Send for our brochure. 2 HANCOCK STREET QUINCY, MA 02171 USA,

PHONE 617-328-7250 TELEX 940561


Engine Air Starters

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Energy efficient turbine driven starters for diesels to 15,000

C.I.D. and carbureted engines to 25,000 C.I.D.

No drive air lubricant required

Features automatic shutoff

Higher starting torque than vane starters • Lightweight, compact, less maintenance

Fast cold weather starts

Manufactured by

TECH DEVELOPMENT INC. 6800 PoeAve . P.O. Box 14557, Dayton, Ohio 45414

Telephone: (513) 898-9600 / TWX 810-472-2822

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