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Nobody else monitors like we do. We supply a complete system including sensors, computer, software and plug-in boards, ready to install and ready to go. You can monitor your ship's status or the tanks which supply the fuel. Data is displayed as you want it, in a form that you can easily understand. Software is designed to produce reports in graphic or digital format showing any condition of the monitored function during any time period. Alarm circuits can be included and can be set for any or every monitored function. If you have existing sensors, they can be incorporated into the system, saving your earlier investment. If you have special requirements, give us a call! 11 Select operation with the mouse or the keyboard (first letter).


S«l«ct opvrwion th* mouse ot ih* keybcaid Unit lenei)

Port f t_ Estv 1200-

V- 600- 0- 532 •lain i Port Main

RPM 1038

Port Main

R. Esh. Temp 747.0

Stbd. Main

L_ ExH Temp 604.0

Stbd. Main

RPM 1051

Stbd. M

R. Exh. r 1200-n

U 600-1

J ?2G.( 5

Port A

RPM 568

Port Turbo A

Boost Pressure ./7S-. bar as

Port Turbo B

Boost Pressure bar 5.9

Port B

RPM 576

Pott Main

Watef Teroo

Port Main

Lube OB Press 80 ftp inn o £ 3 ieo

Gray Marine I

Jacket Wtr 0 °F


Fwd Grey Wtr 0

High Level

Stbd. Main

Lube 03 Press 80 fin__,,, inn 40 20/V \<0 o £ *"% 3 i6o

Stbd. Main

Lube OS Temp n r

Port Main Engine Exhaust Temperatures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >0 "11 12

H > I

E3 lack Water 0

High Level u-100-ta

J ysoo-^n mmm [ I • 110.0

PSI 28.0 low

Jacket Wtr 0 Low Level

Aft Grey Wtr 0 High Level PSI 32.0 j 104.0 230 342 311 298 301 246 320 402 7SO 307 341 323 tow high

I Port Gear I Port AUK. || Port Steering I Bilges | | Bilges 1 Stbd. Steering J I Stbd Aux 1 Stbd. Gear Port Engine Temps. || Cargo Hold Temperatures Port Fuel

Lube Oil -

Jacket Wtr 0 0 j | Level

Base #1 0 High Level

Bilge *2 0 High Level

Low 0


Jacket Wtr 0 •F

Lube OH 0 •F

PTO Brng Main Gen. 1 2 3 4 5 6 125-q

P 43-

Main 1.30

I GaKHr |

AuK 0.00

GatfHr wm •JHEJH EH l L ° Bilge #2 0 High Level

Bilge #4 0 High Level 0 Loss m •ail •B

Shaft Brng Stern Seal 100 •c

Main 0.00

Gals Today


Gals Today not used

Jacket Wtr 0

Low Level j Pump 0 | Overload

Bilge #5 0 High Level

Bilge #6 0 High Level

Pump 0


Jacket Wtr 0 Low Level not 0 used

AU280Kh' •c I 0 0 0 0 0 0

Main 0.00

Gals On Trip

Aux 0.00

Gals On Tilp



Two different types of Vessel Monitoring are shown, above. Screen display can be easily tailored to meet your requirements. Any red display shows an abnormal (or alarm) operating condition which you can set (with the proper security code, of course). Ease of operation is paramount. System operation can be learned in less than 15 minutes and requires only the use of a mouse or trackball.

Monitoring and Alarm System for a fuel tank facility are shown above. This system can be used to monitor hundreds of tanks for fuel level, specific gravity, inventory, leakage, etc. Tank sensors are pneumatic (intrensically safe).

Conversion to electrical signals in a safe area allows all data to be monitored and logged in a standard IBM* compat- ible computer. Independent Liquid Level Alarm is pneumatic for safety. Graphic display (right) also displays digitally, showing layering of material. PLEASE CONTACT US WITH YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS!

Many different types of sensors are available from

ERNASKO: At left, from top to bottom - RPM, Electonic

Pressure (-15 to 3,000 psi), Electrical (Current, Voltage,

Watts, etc.), Pneumatic Pressure (0.5 in. dia., 0 to 300 psi), Pneumatic Pressure (1 in. dia.,0 to 2,000 psi),

Temperature (-50 to 150 and 0 to 2000 degrees C), and

Flow Meter. Other sensors are available on request.

Virtually any type of sensor will work with these Monitoring


CRNASKO, INC. 18717 - 76th Ave. W. Suite E

Lynnwood, WA 98037 USA

Telephone: 206-771-4479

FAX: 206-771-3547

The ERNASKO Tank Monitoring System

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