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It's True.

No Grit.

With Pre-Prime 167 Sealer, millions of square feet of concrete and rusty steel have been upgraded without blasting.

Pre-Prime 167 100% Solids Rust Penetrating

Sealer works where other solvent-based surface tolerant coatings can't—on rusty steel, concrete, and many aged coatings systems.

Pre-Prime 167 Sealer is water thin. Its low viscosity maximizes penetration, wetting, and capillary action. One thin wet coat at 1.5 mils (38 microns) will seep deep into tight rust and wick beneath.

Water-thin viscosity allows it to wet deep into and behind rust; 100% solids deters trapped solvents. It makes hand-cleaned steel into a stable surface ready for coating, providing a cost effective alternative to maintenance blasting.

Pre-Prime 167 Sealer primes and protects concrete. Its water-like viscosity allows it to penetrate deep into the porous concrete surface. It becomes an integral part of the concrete, seals the surface, and forms a strong foundation for overcoating. Used alone, Pre-

Prime 167 Sealer strengthens and seals the concrete, and with the proper top coat, provides resistance to water, oil, gasoline, diesel, and mild chemical exposures.

On aged coatings, Pre-Prime 167 Sealer seals loose edges, crevices, back-to-back angles, and surface imperfections. The low film build eliminates the risk of applying excessively thick films over aged coatings, alleviating shrinkage and curing stresses, and deterring delamination.

For ballast tanks in marine applications, a high pressure water wash followed by

Pre-Prime 167 Sealer and a coat of Devran 230® High Build Epoxy Coating or Bar-

Rust 235™ Multi-Purpose Epoxy Coating provides superior corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

Your Devoe Coatings Representative can recommend the surface preparation and system that is best for you.

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