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Transport of China, claimed to be the first newbuilds of this type or- dered by Asian owners from a Euro- pean yard. The vessels have sleep- ing accommodations for 938 passen- gers, as well as a capacity for 215 cars and 80 trucks. Two 5,760-kW

Stork Wartsila W38 engines will provide the power, turning a pair of

Lips CP propellers. A 900-kW bowthruster is also fitted.

Isle of Innisfree, which entered service with Irish Ferries in May this year, illustrates the time-sav- ing advantages of the standard de- sign principle. The 596-ft. (181.6- m) vessel was delivered within 14 months of design work completion.

The customer—in an effort to maxi- mize profits during the peak sum- mer season — decided to stretch the ferry by inserting an extra 49-ft. (14.85-m) mid-section. This deci- sion was made at the tank testing stage. The result is a highly effec- tive ship with day accommodations for 1,650 passengers and more than 100 articulated freight vehicles.

Four Sulzer ZA40S engines — de- veloping a total of 23,000 kW — drive a pair of KaMeWa highly skewed propellers via Lohmann and

Stolterfoht gearboxes. A pair of 1,500-kW KaMeWa bowthrusters are fitted, and powered by ABB shaft alternators.

In contrast, the 10th RoRo is not like any of the previous nine. Real- izing the limitations of its 76.7-ft. (23.4-m) beam, and seven-vehicle lane, the company began the devel- opment of a new eight-lane stan- dard design in 1993. Although this work was nearing completion, the team had to make a complete reap- praisal when the Estonia sank.

Modifications were made, and in

April, Stena Line ordered a 595-ft. (181.5-m) x 91-ft. (27.8-m) RoRo/ train/passenger ferry with a pro- jected delivery date of May 1996.

The vessel will have a train track length of 1,870 ft. (570 m), a trailer lane length of6,900 ft. (2,100 m) and will be able to accommodate 1,500 passengers and 550 private cars.

Damaged stability on the new design has been tackled by a variety of measures. The design includes two 11.5-ft. (3.5-m) high longitudi- nal bulkheads which stretch three- quarters of the ship's length. Top- hinged watertight doors at each end form two enclosed freight vehicle lanes on each side of the ship. A second inner bow door will be incor- porated, and a new bow door/ramp arrangement — devised by

Kvaerner Ships Equipment — will be fitted. This is a system which meets all the new Scandinavian re- quirements, including: the ability to withstand higher sea loads; im- proved locking devices; and separa- tion of the inner and outer parts of the ramp when stowed.

Subsequently, the yard's finan- cial situation has improved. In 1993 it was able to sever all fiscal ties to the Dutch government, and addi- tional investment has been made or is planned. The CAD/CAM system originally installed in 1990 was re-

October, 1995 cently upgraded to the TRIBON system from Kockums Computer

Systems. A new plasma cutting machine began work at the begin- ning of the year, and a shot-blasting and painting hall is currently under construction. The next project is to extend the existing outfitting quay by around 200 ft. (60 m). ouatech

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