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MAN Acquires Alstom Diesel

Engine Ops

Engineering companies Alstom of

France and MAN of Germany have agreed terms for the acquisition by

MAN of ALSTOM's Diesel engines business. Through this acquisition, the

MAN Group will strengthen its activi- ties in the field of large diesel engines.

MAN B&W Diesel AG, Augsburg, will

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IUAUTY INTERNET WEBSITE: sets. Alstom Engines Ltd. employs some 1,500 persons, has an annual business volume of some $201 million, and its business is profitable.

For MAN this move represents a diversification in profitable and growing markets for high-speed engines as well as valuable extension of its presence in the market for medium speed engines.

In terms of output the ALSTOM range is situated above the upper end of the engine lines supplied by MAN Nutz- fahrzeuge AG. The takeover is expected to yield synergies in technological development, engine programs and worldwide distribution in all areas of application. The Ruston, Paxman and

Mirrlees Blackstone brands have devel- oped excellent reputations in their respective markets and are complemen- tary to the MAN and MAN B&W brands. The plan is to maintain the acquired business within the MAN fam- ily and to strengthen their technical and brand identities, bringing a wider range of products to a wider range of markets and place more resources at the disposal of customers.

For ALSTOM the proposed deal is in line with the decision announced a year ago to divest its non-core industrial businesses, representing about $854 million of sales by April 2000. The announcement of this sale is another step closer to the completion of this divestment process.

The acquisition is subject to the approval of MAN's Supervisory Board and of the relevant regulatory authori- ties. It is anticipated that the transaction will be completed in May 2000. Consul- tation with employees of Alstom

Engines Ltd. and with key customers will commence immediately.

MARCO Signs Contract With

S.F. Bar Pilots

Outboard profile drawing of the new pilot station boats being designed and built by MARCO Ship- yard Seattle.

MARCO Shipyard Seattle is sched- uled to design and build two 104 ft., (31.7 m) pilot station boats for the San

Francisco Bar Pilots. With construction to commence soon, the design portion of the project is near completion. The first vessel is set for delivery before year- end, with the second to follow in early 2001.

Comprised of steel, the twin-screw vessels will replace the two existing sta- tion boats in the Bar Pilots' five-vessel fleet. Powered by twin Caterpillar 3508B diesels, providing a total of take over


Engines Ltd. of the U.K. with its brands Rus- ton, Paxman and Mirrlees

Blackstone. ALSTOM Engines Ltd. supplies on a worldwide scale medium and high speed Diesel and gas-fuelled

Ruston engines power this unique Australian Navy vessel engines with outputs rang- ing from 500 kW to 15,000 kW, which are primarily incorporated into fast ferries, navy and coast guard ships, luxury yachts, locomotives, power stations and packaged generator

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