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Maritrans first called on the company two years ago to perform a double hulling for its Maritrans 192. The 10,549-ton barge was originally known as Ocean 192, and was renamed at its christening ceremony on November 9, 1998. The barge is famous for its desig- nation as America's premiere vessel to undergo the single-to-double hull con- version.

Beyond conversions

Though double-hulling activity is sure to fill Tampa Bay's coffers for years to come, the yard has ample facilities to care for other repairs, particularly the high-value and demanding cruise repair market. When the engine room on Car- nival's Tropicale caught fire. Carnival tapped Tampa Bay to assess the situa- tion. Perryman, along with the yard's chief estimator, Johnny McCarron. were then dispatched to Tropicale at

Port Manatee where they were able to survey the damages. Pleased with

Tampa Bay's analysis, the cruise line contacted them that same day to arrange for the ship to be brought to the yard.

The first task involved cleaning up the soot from the engine room. According to

Perryman, this was done with high pres- sure water, solvent and soap. The room was also repainted, rewired and received new insulation. "All controls were

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Sailed any uncharted waters lately? replaced, as well as some steel work,"

Perryman said. "And, as a result of the water used to extinguish the engine room fire, one hundred motors had to be removed and reworked." Accomplished within 22 days, Tropicale was able to sail out of Tampa the day after the com- pletion of repairs, meeting Carnival's expectations of as little schedule aug- mentation as possible. Tampa Bay cur- rently performs about five or six cruise jobs a year, and according to Perryman, the yard would like to expand upon that.

What could most probably tip off Tampa

Bay's goal for expansion into the cruise industry could be its recent overhaul of the Norwegian Sea in January. The ves- sel was laid up at the yard for 12 days where it received a basic clean up of its stabilizers, bowthrusters and valves, as well as the machinery in its engine room. In an industry whose profits par- allel tanker day rates, which are current- ly down. Perryman, who quotes himself as "the eternal optimist," feels that the rates will eventually rise.

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Bollinger Puts Its

Expertise To The Test

With 22 dry- docks in service,

Bollinger Morgan

City, L.L.C. recently stretched its newly expand- ed dry dock (see accompanying photo) to the limit with the docking of former sulpher vessel (now bulk car- rier) Otto Candie COV Zeus measuring 505 ft. (153.9 m). The vessel was laid up at the yard's largest drydock of its 22 located throughout the company's nine facilities. Measuring 340 x 134 ft. (103.6 x 40.8 m) with 110 between the wingfalls, the dock is capable of lifting 8,100-tons.

Bollinger's Quick Repair-Harvey, La.- located propeller shop completed a thruster overhaul and repair for the

PEMEX-owned accommodations semi- submersible Chemul on behalf of Cota- mar. The 34-ton 9.1 ft. diameter, 360 degree azimuthing Kamewa thruster underwent a complete overhaul with blade repairs. On another front, accord- ing to Boysie Bollinger, Bollinger's chairman of the board, the company was granted a contract from the U.S. Navy for the modification of three of the first 13 PCs to include the new stern ramp and other equipment weapons and upgrades in a pre-planned product improvement program, which could lead to — dependent upon funding — all 13 of the first block of PCs.

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COV Zeus drydocked at Bollinger Morgan

City, L.L.C.

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