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The system can also be optionally sup- plied with an integral DGPS receiver with surroundings that can be automati- cally annotated with GPS position — providing complete surveys.

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Litton Marine's ISIS Installed on

Protection Vessel

Litton Marine Systems is supplying an

ISIS 2500 machinery monitoring, alarm and condition assessment system on a new 259 ft. (79 m) mono-hull twin- screw fisheries protection vessel for the

Irish Navy. The ISIS 2500 provides real- time monitoring of the vessel's twin

Wartsila main engines through a serial data interface with the Wartsila Engine

Control Systems (WECS). The system, which monitors approximately 500 additional channels for shipboard sen- sors and systems, also provides remote control of the vessel's bilge pumps, bal- last tanks, oil transfer pumps and engine room ventilation.

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PinPoint's Marinized

Computing System

PinPoint Systems International's

SVS/DVS systems have an "open archi- tecture" design, which means all types of computer peripherals can be inter- faced. The self-contained electronic charting systems incorporate a fully marinized Intel Pentium computer and a military specification internal hard drive. The sunlight and daylight view- able screens are precise full-color TFT displays. The software automatically loads charts and accesses positioning data, and automatically finds the best scale chart for the vessel's position.

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Rudder Angle Indicator

The Euro 100 rudder angle indicator, available from DeHart Marine Electron- ics, offers easy read-out of the rudder angle and adjustable illumination. It is supplied with a sturdy and reliable rud- der sensor, which is splash-waterproof and oil-resistant.

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NovAtel Offers GPS Antenna

NovAtel presented its new GPS 600

Series Antenna recently. Created as the

GPS industry's premiere dual frequency antenna to achieve less than 1 mm offset between L1 and L2 phase centers with- out the aid of a choke ring, the new 600 series antenna can reach this level by replacing conventional patch antenna designs with NovAtel's patent pending

Pinwheel Technology. Measuring 6.5- in. and weighing 600 grams, the antenna is compact — making it ideal for portable applications, such as surveying.

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The MariNET, a project of MariTEL

Inc., will provide contiguous, seamless

VHF marine radiotelephone communi- cations between ships and shore along the coastal and navigable inland water- ways of the U.S. It will provide data ser- vices and advanced telephony features found in modern telecommunications networks. The MariNET will support

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and non-DSC VHF marine radios. It will be expandable to support VHF-AM, UHF-

AM, APCO 25 and other radio services.

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Public Coast Stations (PCf) Tower Network equipped wi

PCSE Package

System Design

The MariNET <3MartNw7 eMa^Nl \\ I * Bo«lequippedwllhVHFndto

March, 2000 49

Circle 211 on Reader Service Card arine Design Software IMSA

FlagShip from Proteus Engineering

General Hydrostatics (GHS) from Creative Systems, Inc.

NavCad from HydroComp, Inc.

FlagShip is a com- plete design system, including hull-form design (FastShip), structural design and optimization (MAESTRO), stability, powering, maneuvering, seakeeping, and interfaces to CAD and sltip produc- tion programs. FlagShip is based on best-in-class applications, which are in use by over a 1,000 designers around the world. lipCi ,-Py

Widely recognized

Qn^, as the most advanced

Wm$. an


NavCad offers an integrated platform to predict resistance and power, and to determine optimum propeller parameters. With NavCad each aspect of a ship's performance can be evaluated for virtually every type of displacement hull, semi-displacement and planing craft, river barge train, catamaran and auxiliary-powered sailboat.

NC-PyrOS from Albacore Research Ltd. from SPAR Associates, Inc.

Integrated ship produc- tion for Win95 - WinNT.

ShipCAM: Fairing and lofting including frames with cutouts, plate expansion, shell expansion and inv, bending. CAD-

Link: AutoCAD-13 based 3D struc- tural modeling plus weight & CG.

NC-Pyros: NC-code generation from

CAD drawings.

Perception provides planning, scheduling, estimating, purchasing, material inventory con- trol and labor work order manage- ment for the integrated shipyard.

Perception is affordable, user friend- ly and equally effective for large or small yards. complt

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