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Jotun Goes Tin-Free

According to Stein Kj0lberg, market- ing manager for marine products at

Jotun Paints, "The launch of SeaQuan- tum heralds a breakthrough in tin-free antifouling systems: Jotun's new coating has undergone extensive testing and offers up to five years of effective pro- tection against fouling on ship bottoms."

Developed in conjunction with Japan- ese chemicals group Nippon Oil and

Fats (NOF), Jotun has reportedly uncov-

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Although tin-free alternatives have been on the market for quite some time, none have proven to go the distance in meeting the shipping sector's need for five-year systems. Lasting only three years instead of the required five, most of these substitute systems still cannot offer the same self-polishing effect post- ed by tin-based coatings. Contrastingly, the self-polishing aspect is present in

SeaQuantum — holding properties that bear chemical and physical properties - that are almost uncanny to tin-based antifouling coatings. In translation, the product blends protection against foul- ing with a hydrolysis reaction, making the vessel's bottom increasingly smooth as the coating wears — creating a more efficient vessel. The company recom- mends the product be applied to both newbuilds and full bottom upgrades.

Undergoing a little less than seven years of trials, the new coating from

Jotun. according to Kj0lberg is "the most tin-free marine antifouling system on the market today."

Jotun has basked in a product and research venture with NOF for many years. With Jotun developing the formu- lation for the actual coating, NOF spear- headed a silyl polymer that can replace the environmentally-dangerous tin com- pounds used in today's self-polishing antifouling coatings.

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Chugoku Offers Solution

To Tin Ban

With the impending ban of TBT antifouling paints commencing in Janu- ary 2003, ship operators are beginning to ponder when they should start to use tin-free antifoulings. In order to ease these worries, Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) has vast experience in providing tin-free technology equivalents to that of tin-based anti-foulings. With its 50 percent market share in its home coun- try of Japan, where the use of tin-based antifouling has been outlawed since 1993, CMP has coated more than 1,000 large deep-sea vessels with its Sea

M/V Discovery Bay recoated at drydock in Octo- ber 1999 with Sea Grandprix 100.

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