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Like the human body, Balloxy HB Light provides a tough, flexible, impenetrable barrier - dirt just washes off leaving what is underneath as good as new.

In the ballast tank photo shown below, there is only dirt to be seen.

After one year in service the Balloxy HB Light underneath is in excellent condition - no flaking, no blistering, no delamination and no corrosion. » . ffe^ •• - - jriMr... w y*"- (Above) Sacrificial anodes give added protection to ballast tanks.

Coatings combined with cathodic protection is recognised to be the most effective method of ballast lank protection.

Balloxy HB Light, specially designed for ballast tank protection, has proved its success in the protection of more than ' ,000 vessels worldwide. _| more than meets the IMO guidelines for ballast tank protection _J provides exceptional wetting, penetration and adhesion properties • can be applied direct to blast cleaned or power tool prepared surfaces

J can be applied in single coats up to BOO microns without sagging (two 200 micron coats are recommended) _| is available in light beige and light green colours which help painting conditions, make inspections simpler and stripe coatings easier to apply

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Balloxy HB Light for optimum ballast tank protection k

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