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Focus on Fishing Industry hulls and finished vessels in South

America, North America and Mexico.

Steel-Kit has also supplied kits and hulls for the general fishing, shellfish and fish farming industries as well as a number of private yachts, tugs, passen- ger vessels and inland waterway vessels.

Another very different project current- ly being handled by the company is the first of 12 American-style. 48 ft. (14.6 m) aluminium lake cruisers.

Currently the company is providing quotations, prices and technical support to yards, fishing vessel owners and operators who wish to apply for the grants now available for new vessel building. Steel-Kit is working with lead- ing fishing vessel designers S. C. McAl- lister & Co. along with other respected ship designers to supply detailed draw- ings. specifications, kits and hulls for a range of safe, comfortable and modern vessels capable of revitalizing the fish- ing. passenger and workboat fleets of the world.

The kits have been developed by

Steel-Kit over a period of 25 years of boatbuilding. All parts are interlocking and self jigging and require the mini- mum of shaping in order to produce sophisticated hull shapes. Steel-Kit's boat yard customers have been shown to be able to save up to 75 percent of man- hours over conventional fabrication methods.

The working environment is far clean- er and quieter as all the cutting and preparation of plates has been carried out by N/C controlled water-cooled plasma cutters at the Steel-Kit works.

The company provides full telephone.

E-mail and on-site backup as well as training.

In addition to providing a service developing new designs, the company has a range of over 200 vessels in kit form covering the entire spectrum of boat types in steel and aluminium that can be delivered ready for assembly within three weeks.

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Cenal Launches Stern Trawler

Cenal Shipyard launched the hull of the fishing vessel — stern trawler — measuring 126 ft. (38.3 m) with a beam of 34 ft. (10.5 m). The vessel, which has been built according to 1

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DNV rules and regulations, has been approved for class notation DnV

X1A1- Fishing Vessel Ice C.

Approximately 416-tons, the hull was side launched on August 18 for

Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S.

After voyage preparation, the vessel, which boasts main engines by MAN

B&W, will be towed to Karstensens for outfitting and commissioning.

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