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Legal Beat of positive assertions of right are insuf- ficient to establish such abandonment."

H.R. Rep. No. 100-514(11), at 13 (1988).

Since the United States never intended to abandon its claims to its warships in foreign waters, a different standard would not be applied to those of another nation albeit located in U.S. waters. In this instance, Spain had maintained the two vessels on its national naval registry and never intentionally abandoned its ownership interests in any treaties Spain had entered into with the U.S or U.K.


Both the Brother Jonathan and Sea

Hunt decisions are major rulings affect- ing and in many ways limiting the intended reach of the ASA. Although it is likely the parties will appeal the Sea

Hunt decision, it is in many ways more defensible than the Brother Jonathan decision. The ASA was never intended to wrest ownership of warships away




MANAGEMENT 001 from sovereign nations. On the other hand, it was intended to give states greater, if not exclusive, jurisdiction over other abandoned wrecks in state waters. The implications of the Brother

Jonathan case are that states will either have to spend more of their own resources to locate wrecks of impor- tance to them or enter into early arrangements with treasure salvors that give those salvors a greater share of the salvage in exchange for allowing the states greater access to information about their historic provenance.

The preceding was authored by Joan M.

Bondareff, of Dyer Ellis & Joseph, P.C.

Bondareff was senior counsel to the

House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries at the time of passage of the Abandoned Shipwreck Act.

Austal USA Appoints Senior

Management Team

Austal USA has appointed two senior members of Austal Ships to Austal USA in Mobile, Ala. to join Bill Pfister, vice president of Marketing and Administra- tion.

In order to manage the production of vessels in the shortly to be completed 360 x 93 x 72-ft. (109.7 x 28.3 x 21.9 m) high fully enclosed construction hall,

Simon Thornton has been appointed vice president of Operations. Simon, who has been with the company since 1998, has extensive experience in alu- minium shipbuilding and project man- agement spanning 25 years.

Chris Pemberton joins the team as vice president of Sales and Marketing.

Prior to joining Austal Ships in 1994,

Pemberton worked in technical sales and marketing for Saab Aircraft and

British Aerospace.

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NASSCO Granted Drydocking

Of USS Mobile Bay

NASSCO has received a contract val- ued at up to $23 million for the eight- month extended drydocking and repair availability of USS Mobile Bay.

On September 1, the U.S. Navy awarded NASSCO a $1 million contract to commence the advance planning for

Mobile Bay's maintenance, repair and alteration work package.

Actual work on the vessel, which is expected to reach a value of $23 million, encompasses drydocking plus alter- ations to convert the cruiser to all-elec- tric auxiliaries and to install the Navy "Smart Ship" electronic control and automation systems.

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The leader in deck hardware for over 60 years.

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Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. •oil nnno lull 9UUZ

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) is proud to announce that it has received ISO 9002 certification from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. This achievement is once again proof of our commitment to excellent service and quality products.

MSHS is an authorized distributor and service center for most of the world's major diesel engine and turbocharger manufacturers. We maintain an extensive inventory of new spare parts and reconditioned exchanges and our service engineers and parts department are available 24-hours worldwide.

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