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Ship Repair & Conversion confidence prior to an actual docking event. The extra effort was worthwhile.

With multiple trials and test runs planned, the brand new system required only two calibration and tuning trials before complete success was accom- plished. "The system is now accurate to 0.1- in., and the alarms that we used to get that were either nuisance alarms or real,

ShipRepair &

Conversion Is A

Maritime Exclusive

Touted as the only recognized inter- national event designed for the ship repair market, this year's ShipRepair & Conversion Exhibition will be the focal meeting point for a variety of companies involved in the industry.

Scheduled for November 15-16 at

London's Grand Olympia Hall, the exhibition offers immediate exposure to shipowners, operators and man- agers who are looking to expand their horizons within the realm of the ship repair industry. With last year's event proving to be the most successful ever,

Lloyd's List Events, the exhibition's organizer, has decided to host the con- ference in a much larger space - offer- ing attendees the opportunity to meet with myriad of companies on an inter- national level.

Just some of the companies sched- uled to be at the exhibition are: Rolls

Royce Marine Systems, Wartsila,

MacGregor Group, Cygnus Instru- ments, Cenal Shipyard and MMC

Europe. In addition to networking with these, and more than 300 other companies that are expected to be pre- sent, attendees may want to sit-in on the various technical presentations.

Scheduled to speak on the confer- ence's inaugural day is Brett Martin of Cammell Laird Holdings and Lock

Parker, CTO of Acromit — both of who will debate on the state of the industry. Subsequent to this session will be a presentation titled, "Tin-free

Anti-fouling - How Will the New Reg- ulations Effect Ship Repair?" by Dr.

David Arnold of Jotun Henry Clark.

Additional headliners include: "Main

Engine Overhaul — Learning From the Princess of Scandinavia"; and "The FPSO Conversion Market."

Those interested in attending or exhibiting at the conference should contact Christine Weaver, tel: +44 (0) 20 7453 5438; or fax: +44 (0) 20 7453 2231. Registration can also be completed online by logging onto the conference's official site at

October, 2000 don't happen," Jaeger said.

Larry Baxter (SWM's dock opera- tors) was able to use the system right away and is confident in ADOC II's per- formance.

IDAC WEST has also recently devel- oped another device for SWM known as an Attitude Monitoring System (AMS).

It is essentially a scaled down version of

ADOC II that works directly with their manual control console (see figure 3). It focuses on monitoring the drafts only thereby providing information on a sep- arate computer's monitor that represents deflection information. Extensive alarming features are also built-in to

AMS. At SWM, both the AMS and

ADOC II systems are linked for data synchronization that also allows calibra- tion to be greatly simplified. "We are now able to retrofit any float- ing drydock with a scalable solution that can range from monitoring deflection to a full blown control system depending on an individual companies require- ments," Smith said. "This type of flexibility makes of ser- vices very unique in the Ship Repair


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