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Toftejorg Features Cleaning

Concept For Mud Tanks

Denmark-based company Toftejorg

A/S has produced a new automated tank cleaning concept, to be used specifically on offshore mud tanks. The develop- ment is a product of Toftejorg's experi- ence in solving complex tank cleaning problems. One fixed installed tank clean- ing machine/turbine water driven rotary jet head, which is

Inner surface of mud tank during the cleaning process. present in each tank, and the use of an environmentally approved cleaning chemical - Toftejorg Mud Cleaner 947 - are at the forefront of this new concept.

The water-based, non-toxic, solvent- free and fully biodegradable degreasing liquid in the Toftejorg Mud Cleaner, sig- nificantly reduces cleaning time and improved results. Previously, manual cleaning time could take anywhere from two to eight hours, but with the Mud

Cleaner 947, the job can be carried out in a few minutes.

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ITT Offers Two Condenser Types

ITT Standard touts two different types of ammonia condensers for efficient cooling in corrosive marine environ- ments — the shell-and-tube models and new welded plate condensers.

The former offers a secure design fea- turing no gasket contact with the ammo- nia, while the latter provides quality construction with laser welded titanium plates for longer use, operating efficien- cy and lower maintenance. Both com- pact, easy-to-clean versions are corro- sion resistant with titanium for long ser- vice life.

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Fleetguard's Centriguard

Reduces Emissions

Fleetguard, manu- facturer of heavy- duty engine oil fil- tration systems, has released its new

Centriguard cen- trifugal filtration.

Designed for diesel engines 18- liter and larger, the filters reduce emissions, extend drain intervals and remove contaminants in lube oil. which wear down valve bridges and fuel injectors, and cause bearing failure and sludge formation. The sys- tem is especially conducive for remov- ing very small particles (between one and five microns) and soot.

The Centriguard system, which is modeled after the company's patented

ConeStaC technology, allows equip- ment to operate in extended service environments, with lower replacement part and labor costs to service. ConeS- taC also effectively works to remove contaminants by forcing particles to migrate across a narrow gap between plastic cones.

Once particles reach the cone surface, they move outward toward the Centri- guard plastic liner shell and are com- pressed. The product's 44000 Series is available for both engine- and remote- mounted installations. Fleetguard also offers centrifugal filters for on/off high- way applications in the eight-16 liter range.

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RestoMotive Gets Marine Clean

RestoMotive Laboratories, manufac- turers of POR-15 Rust Preventive Coat-

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