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Workboat Report • New Vessels

W&D Completes Moran Series

Washburn & Doughty Assoc. recently delivered Surrie Moran, the last vessel in a six-boat contract, to Moran Services

Corp. in Greenwich, Conn.. The Surrie

Moran is a 92 x 32 x 14 ft. (28 x 9.7 x 4.2 m), 4,000 hp Z-Drive that will join the other members of the Marci Moran

Class in Norfolk, Va., where it will be used to fulfill Moran's contract with the

Military Sealift Command.

The Washburn & Doughty contract with Moran was originally signed on

November 11, 1998. Moran took deliv- ery of the first tug, Marci Moran, on

September 26, 1999. Since that time

Washburn & Doughty has averaged a vessel delivery every two months.

Moran vice president, Jim Coyne (whose wife Surrie Coyne christened the tug) said: "I want everyone to know that Moran is very happy with the six boats that were built here. The Navy has put them in all types of different posi- tions and made sure they're versa- tile... The boats have worked great-the

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Navy loves them. We're very pleased and that's why we're going to build another one here." The contract for the next Z-Drive tug Coyne referred to was signed on July 17, 2000. Like the Marci

Moran Class tugs, this vessel will mea- sure 92 x 32 x 14 ft., and be powered with two EMD engines. Construction has begun and a delivery is scheduled for the second quarter of 2001.

Washburn & Doughty is also building a 91 ft. (27.7 m) Oceanographic

Research vessel for the Skidaway Insti- tute of Oceanography in Savannah,

Georgia. Rodney E. Lay & Associates designed the vessel.

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Atlantic Marine Awarded

Additional ATB Contract

Atlantic Marine won a contract for a second state-of-the-art articulated tug and barge (ATB) vessel to be built at its

Alabama Shipyard facility in Mobile, according to Dick Wells, President. This will be the second ATB to be supplied to the Staten Island, NY-based Reinauer

Transportation Companies. "The first

ATB, with its speed and loading capa- bilities, enabled us to provide our cus- tomers with superior, more timely ser- vice," said Craig Reinauer, CEO of

Reinauer Transportation. The first ATB, the Nicole Leigh Reinauer, was deliv- ered by Alabama Shipyard on December 11, 1999. The 7,200 hp twin-screw ocean-going tug will have a length of 124 ft. (37.7 m) and will feature the patented Intercon tug/barge coupler sys- tem designed and built by Intercontinen- tal Engineering and Manufacturing Cor- poration of Kansas City, Mo. The sys- tem consists of two independently mounted gear drive ram assemblies that connect the tug and barge. The connec- tion is transversely rigid and mechani- cally locked, resulting in a vessel that handles like a conventional ship. The tug is able to push a loaded barge at approximately 11 knots, up to 35 per- cent faster than traditionally towed barges. Alabama Shipyard designed the 143,000-barrel, 487-ft. (148 m) barge in compliance with OPA 90. "This addi- tional ATB will put us ahead of the curve in providing superior service to our customers in an environmentally safe manner," Reinauer said. The ATB

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