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CSO Deep Blue Launched

CSO Deep Blue, an ultra deepwater pipelay and subsea construction vessel being built in Korea at Hyundai Mipo

Dockyards in Ulsan for Coflexip Stena

Offshore, was launched late this summer and is expected to begin operations in mid-2001.

The vessel's laying system is designed around a powerful tiltable ramp, equipped with two quad trac tensioners capable of sustaining 550 metric tons.

The unique tensioning capacity is rein- forced by its ability to lay rigid (reeled), flexible, rigid (J-Lay) pipes and umbili- cals, offering Coflexip Stena Offshore and its customers a wide range of possi- bilities.

The vessel is part of an overall strate- gic investment by the company to adapt its fleet to the deep and ultra deepwater requirements of its clients in Brazil,

Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the

North Sea.

CSO Deep Blue is the cornerstone of the investment, showcasing a wide vari- ety of technical capabilities for depths to 8,202 ft. (2,500 m).

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Main Particulars — CSO Deep Blue

Shipbuilder Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

Length 676 ft. (206 m)

Breadth 105 ft. (32 m)

Depth 59 ft. (18 m)

Max displacement 50,000 tons @ 10 m

Total Power 35 MW

Accommodation 120

Max Water Depth 2,500 m

Max. Pipe Diameter Range

Rigid Reeled: 3tol8"OD

Flexible: 3 to 16" ID

Rigid J-Lay: 4 to 20" OD, quad joint

Umbilicals: 50 to 250 mm

Tensioning Capacity 550 tons

Laying Angle 60 to 90 degrees

Heavy Lift Capacity 400 tons

ROV Equipment 2 CSO Deep Blue being towed through Ulsan Harbor.

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Pioneering Control


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