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Cruise Shipping Prospects

Royal Caribbean Crew

Honored For Rescue At Sea

The crew of Royal Caribbean Interna- tional's Splendour of the Seas was hon- ored for its heroic efforts in rescuing 11 crew members of a sunken cargo ship in stormy seas.

The crew received the New York

Council Navy League's AMVER Award (Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel

Rescue System) at the League's anniver- sary dinner in New York. Splendour of the Seas is the first cruise ship to receive this award, presented only in those years when a rescue at sea of appropriate sig- nificance takes place.

The award, which was accepted by

Tor Isak Olsen, captain of Splendour of the Seas, commends a rescue effort on

December 16, 1999, after the 250-ft. (76.2 m) cargo ship, Capricorn, was overtaken by a storm approximately 90 miles northwest of Aruba. Its 12-man crew was forced to abandon Capricorn as it sank in 30-knot winds and 10-ft. seas. 28 Circle 227 on Reader Service Card

RCCL's Splendour of the Seas was utilized to rescue crewmembers of a sunken cargo ship.

During those events, the U.S. Coast

Guard received distress calls and auto- mated distress signals from an unknown vessel — later found to be Capricorn.

Unsuccessful attempts were made to contact the nearest ship in the area. At the same time, the crew of Splendour of the Seas, sailing in the area, saw flares shooting over the horizon and immedi- ately sailed in their direction. Within 30 minutes. Splendour came upon two lif- erafts holding 11 members of the Capri- corn crew, at which time the Splendour crew safely managed to guide them onto the ship.

Manpower Software Steams

Ahead With Sun Cruises

Sun Cruises has signed a contract for onboard security measures by using

Manpower Software (MSW) MAPS

Souls-on-Board solution.

The cruise line will be utilizing two

MAPS software modules Souls-on-

Board and Passenger Check-in-Desk.

Souls-on-Board, which is also in opera- tion on P&O Cruises' fleet, ensures compliance with MSN 1729(M), and will enable Sun Cruises to know exactly who is on-board their entire fleet at any moment in time. In addition, it will pro- vide Access Control to ensure only authorized people are allowed on the ships — monitoring passengers, crew, visitors and contractors.

The Passenger Check-in-Desk will allow Sun Cruises to easily and quickly capture the passport and personal details of its passengers.

Circle 30 on Reader Service Card

AMCV Appoints Director Of

Shipboard Systems

American Classic Voyages (AMCV) has named David J. Lehman director of shipboard systems, responsible for delivering all related commercial sys- tems for AMCV's fleet.

Lehman, who has 16 years of experi- ence in the information technology industry, will focus on providing strate- gic solutions that will enable the onboard business units to offer the utmost in service levels. He had previ- ously been with Royal Caribbean Cruis- es as a software development manager.

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