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Vessel Name:




MS Tamesis


Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Daewoo Okpo Shipyard

MS Tamesis, the first of a new generation of RoRo vessels boasting innovative designs has joined the

Wallenius Wilhelmsen fleet. Joining three sister- ships to be delivered throughout the next 10 months, Tamesis was commissioned in 1998 by

Wilh. Wilhelmsen of Norway — one of two equal shareholders in Wallenius Wihelmsen. Delivered on

April 13 by Daewoo Okpo Shipyard, the Mark IV

RoRo provides 35 percent more covered capacity for specialized RoRo cargo than the previous Mark

III design. Suitable for carrying a total capacity of 5,400 cars, the vessel is specifically designed for project and other unique or heavy lift cargo such as power generators, construction and agriculture equipment. Measuring 787 x 106 ft. (240 x 32.2 m), the vessel, whose name in Latin means River

Thames, has a deadweight of 38,300 tons.

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Main Particulars - MS Tamesis

Length, (o.a.) 787 ft. (240 m)

Breadth, (molded) . 106 ft. (32.2 m)

DWT 38,300 tons

Stern ramp width .. 39 ft. (12 m)

Stern ramp capacity 320 tons unit load

Number of decks .. 8

Deck area capacity . 45,889 sq. m

Volume capacity ... 125,620 cu. m

Car unit capacity .. 5,400

Engine B&W 8L 70MC (MK5)

Service speed 20 knots

Crew 28

Vessel Name: LT Usodimare

Type: Container Vessel

Owner: Lloyd Triestino

Shipbuilder: Mitsubishi Heavy Ind.

LT Usodimare, the first post-Panamax container vessel ordered by Lloyd Tri- estino from Mit- subishi Heavy Indus- tries' Kobe shipyard, was launched on

September 1.

The new vessel is 935 x 131 ft. (285 x 40 m) with a draft of 42 ft. (12.7 m). With a capacity of 5,364-teu, and a service speed of 25 knots, the Italian- flagged vessel has been classified by RINA. LT

Usodimare is named after Antoniotto Usodimare, the 15th century Italian seafarer said to have dis- covered the Cape Verde Islands. LT Usodimare will be delivered on November 24 and will be deployed on the service connecting China to the Mediter- ranean and Northern Europe (CEM). The service is being retonnaged with several 25-knot post-Pana- max vessels.Circle 38 on Reader Service Card





Maria A. Angelicoussis


Kristen Navigation Inc./Chevron

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.





Terra Nova FPSO


Terra Nova Alliance/Petro Canada

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. T erra Nova FPSO was completed by Daewoo Shipbuilding &

Marine Engineering Co., and delivered to the Bull Arm Fabrication

Site for the work to install the topsides production module. The vessel is designed to work on the Terra Nova

Field. The Canadian-flagged vessel is registered by LR. The ship shape is designed to provide optimum seakeep- ing performance with internal turret mooring system with the assistance of thrusters. The analysis for the assess- ment of seakeeping performance such as vessel motion and mooring has been performed in consultation with the owner, was verified through model tests. Designed to withstand the harsh environments with extreme 100-year wave height in excess of 98 ft. (30 m), the vessel has also been strengthened for an ice impact of 100,000 tons.

Terra Nova FPSO has a forward deck- house accommodating up to 80 peo- ple, aft offloading systems with a max- imum offloading rate of 8,000 cu. m./hr. and topside process plant on the deck with a maximum production rate of 20,000 cu. m./day. Two sets of gas turbine generators — 46 MW each using dual fuel for main electrical power — are situated on the process deck, and two sets of key service diesel generators (6.5 MW each) are installed in the forward machinery space. The system is designed to hold the vessel on station and to propel the ship in transit condition with the elec- trical power. The system is comprised of 5 azimuth thrusters, 5 MW each, electric motors and drive systems.

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Vessel Name Conti Fremental

Type Containership

Owner Conti Reederei, Putzbrunn, Germany

Shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd.

Main Particulars -

Maria A. Angelicoussis

Classification ABS

Length, (o.a.) 1,092 ft. (332 m)

Length, (b.p.) 1,049 ft. (320 m)

Breadth, molded 190 ft. (58 m)

Width of double skin:

Side 11.5ft. (3.52 m)

Bottom 9.8 ft. (3 m)

GT 156,408

Lightweight 42,765.41

DWT, scantling 306,283 ton

Draft, design (20.8 m)

Speed, service @ 85% MCR .. .16.8k

Cargo capacity 346,351 cu. m.


Heavy oil 9,123 cu. m.

Diesel Oil 374 cu. m.

Fuel Consumption 105 tons/day % High Tensile Steel 30.5

Main Engine ... .B&W 6S 90 MC-C

Diesel Driven Alternators .. .Wartsila

Hose Handling Crane ... .MacGregor


Cargo Pumps Shinko

Cargo Pump Capacity 5,500 cu. m./hr.

Cargo Control System Nakakita

Bridge Control Systems . .Norcontrol


Fire Detection .Consilium Marine AB

Radars JRC

SatNav JR


Computers on-board .. .Kockumation

Main Particulars - Terra Nova FPSO

Classification LR

Length, (o.a.) .. .958 ft. (292 m)

Length, (b.p.) .. .909 ft. (277 m)

Breadth, molded ...149 ft. (45.5 m)

Displacement 212,235 t

Lightweight 58,300 1

DWT, design 154,000 t

DWT, scantling 154,000 1

Draft, design 66 ft. (20 m)

Speed 10 k (with thruster propulsion)

Fuel Consumption . .185 g/kwh + 5% % High Tensile Steel 47

Propellers Kamewa

Diesel Driven Alternators Wartsila

Boilers Aalborg

Hatch Covers (for thrusters) McGregor

Delivered June 30, 2000, the 5,600-TEU containership Conti Fremantal built by Hanjin Heavy Industries for Conti Reederei, and chartered by Hanjin Shipping, is designed for worldwide service. The vessel is powered by a

Wartsila 10RTA 96C, a unit which helps to power the vessel to a service speed of 26.3 knots (making it one of the fastest vessels in its class) at 90 percent MCR with 15 pecent sea margin on design draft of 12 m. Container capacity is 5,608 TEU (on deck : 3,034 TEU, in hold : 2,574 TEU) and lashing bridge facility and 500 reefer sockets (on deck : 300 FEU, in hold : 200 FEU) are provided.

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Conti Fremental Main Particulars

Length, o.a 915 ft. (279 m)

Length b.p 869 ft.(265 m)

Beam 132 ft. (40.3 m)

Scantling Draft . 46 ft. (14 m)

Main engine ... ... .Wartsila 10RTA 96C

MCR . .74,700 PS @ 100 rpm

NCR . .67,230 PS @ 96.5 rpm

Speed 26.3 knots

Fuel oil consumption 126gr/BHP/hr.

Flag Panama

Classification ... ... .Germanischer Lloyd

Deadweight ... 67,9001

GRT 66,500

TEU 5,608

Maria A. Angelicoussis is a double hull crude oil tanker, delivered by Daewoo Shipbuild-ing & Marine Engineering Co. to Kristen

Navigation Inc. The vessel was designed to ABS standards, and is classed A 1(E), "Oil Carrier, ESP", +AMS, ACCU, SH, SPM, RES, UWILD. The ship is intended for the trade of oil having a flash point below 60 degrees Celsius in its cargo tanks. Built with a double side and bottom, the vessel features five center/side tanks and two slop -t—^Lj. * -•• tanks. Cargo handling, of paramount concern in a vessel this size, consists of three cargo - pumps with a capacity of 5,500 cu. m./hr., - »• . * • - each driven by steam turbine and three cargo ./.'f.* ' ' *"•'•" manifolds on deck for three segregation of cargo loading and discharging. The hull has been designed to ABS Safe Hull require- ments, and features enhanced scantling for a safer, stronger and more durable structural integrity. Powered by a B&W 6S 90MC-C with an MCR output of 40,000 PS at 76 rpm, the ship's 33-ft. (9.9-m) FP propeller helps to drive the vessel to a service speed of 16.8 knots.

The wheelhouse is arranged for the One Man Bridge concept. The Integrated Navigation

System includes an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). and a

CCTV system is installed with provisions of a camera at radar mast platform and a monitor in the wheelhouse in aid of safer operation with better forward visibility.

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