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People & Company News water division's strong presence in the

Gulf of Mexico and its ability to access

West African markets and the Caspian

Sea completes CSO's strong operations in the North Sea, Brazil, West Africa and

Asia Pacific. After this transaction, the

CSO Group will gain critical mass and access a market estimated at S19 billion for the year 2000.

Crowley Promotes Sweeney;

Gleason Joins As Director

Crowley Marine Services has promot- ed Alex Sweeney to vice president,

Valdez Business Unit. Sweeney is responsible for all marine activities in support of the Alyeska Pipeline Service

Company's Ship Escort Response Vessel

System (SERVS) in Alaska.

SERVS' mission is to prevent oil spills by assisting tankers in safe navigation through Prince William Sound and to protect the environment by providing rapid and effective response services.

Crowley has also reported that Tim

Gleason has joined as director of Busi- ness Solutions at the company's Jack- sonville locale. In this position, Gleason will be working with the business devel- opment group to devise and coordinate supply chain solutions for customers.

SAAB/ICAN Wins Major

AIS Contracts

Saab Transponder Tech and Interna- tional Communications and Navigation

Limited (1CAN) have been awarded contracts by Lockheed Martin Overseas

Corp. to provide Automatic Identifica- tion System (AIS) solutions for Greece and Turkey. Complying with all IMO performance standards, the software delivers vessel position and related information from ship to ship and from ship to shore. It is formatted to provide collision avoidance capability on the ship's bridge and to augment vessel traf- fic management systems. Ships will carry a transponder that broadcasts the ship's identity, position, speed, course and other information to all other AIS users within VHF Radio range.

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Sait-Stento Goes Inland

With Satcom

Sait-Stento has expanded its satellite communication services to address the communication needs of onshore users in addition to its maritime user base. The



Pipe Repair Tape

SYNTHO-GLASS® is a fiberglass cloth pre-impregnated with a water activated resin that hardens in only 30 minutes!!! 1. NO measuring or mixing! I 2. Bonds to almost any surface 3. 6 different types of kits 4. Available in lengths from 5 to 50 feet.


Emergency repair

Corrosion protection

Underwater repairs

Reinforcement of corroded or damaged pipes • Steam & leaking

Hydraulic line repairs • Repair pipes from V2 to 36 inches • Irregularly shaped repair

Neptune Research, Inc.

Tel: 800-328-0090

Fax: 561-683-8366


Reliable tugs for an unpredictable world

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Our first tractor tug, GYRFALCON, has been in service in Dutch Harbor, Alaska without missing a day since her delivery in 1995. Eight more have followed since, and there are more on the way. When you need a tug you can count on, give us a call. (T)ARCO SHIPYARD ^ SEATTLE 2300 West Commodore Way • Seattle, Wa 98199 USA

Phone (206) 285-3200 • FAX (206) 285-8486

E-mail: [email protected]

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Food Machines • Cooking • Refrigeration • Steam •


GALLEY I (425)861-8868

INSTALLATION • SPECIALTY PRODUCTS • CUSTOM FABRICATION 1-800-735-7286 861-8668 • email: [email protected] • P.O. Box 88 • Redmond, WA 98073-0088

HOBART MARKET FORGE COSPOLICH INSINGER & MORE! company's services include traffic accounting activities, airtime selling and value added services. Adding on to this will be ISDN high-speed data technolo- gy. Sait-Stento's Airtime Services Busi- ness Unit (ATS) is launching a special program for mobile users and telecom- munication operators called M4Land, which is one of the largest Inmarsat providers in the world.

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Litton Marine Introduces

IMO-Compliant Bridge System

Litton Marine Systems has introduced a new Integrated Bridge System (IBS), which has been designed to provide a cost-effective solution to basic naviga- tion requirements in an IMO-compliant package.

Litton's new Pilot Series IBS consists of a scalable set of pre-configured sys- tem modules, which are mounted in standard bridge console units. The sys- tem is based on Litton's proven Voyage

Management System (VMS) with Elec- tronic Chart Display and Information

System (ECDIS). The basic Pilot Series package includes a VMS/ECDIS con- sole kit, BridgeMaster E ARPA radar console kit, doppler speed log, gyro- compass, steering console with adaptive autopilot, echosounder, magnetic com- pass and wind sensor. A range of optional modules is also available.

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Leica Introduces New

GPS Chart Plotter

The new Leica MK 40 GPS chart plot- ter provides a combination of an advanced high-accuracy GPS receiver, built-in C-MAP NT vector cartography and a high-resolution direct sunlight readable screen.

The MK 40 is the first chart plotter to be based on IBM's leading-edge silicon germanium (SiGe) chip technology.

The embedded 12-channel high-accura- cy GPS receiver board in the MK 40 was the result of a two-year R&D pro- ject by Leica Geosystems and IBM


The combination of Leica's GPS receiver architecture and IBM's advanced SiGe integrated circuit tech- nology has resulted in a GPS receiver with unprecedented processing power, sensitivity and accuracy.

The GPS receiver and optional dual- channel DGPS beacon receiver are sealed inside the MK 40's low-profile "smart" antenna unit. The waterproof ultra-thin MK 40 display and control unit can be mounted below decks or in an open cockpit.

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