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Marine Literature Review


BORALIGN, the latest development for the measuring of bores and bearings in internal combustion engines, compres- sors, turbines, and pumps. True bore center measurement, not just bore | straightness. It measures whether multi- ple bores are in line with one another and with the rotating centerline of the shaft.

Measures shafe guides in marine propulsion. Versatile bracket- ing covers entire range of diameters from 5-in. to 30-in.. It is available as a stand alone system or as an add-on package to the

ROTALIGN PRO laser shaft alignment system.

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Incat the Magazine is produced six times

I a year by Incat Australia Pty Ltd, builders of the world's fastest large vehicle and passenger ferries. Recent Incat deliveries to Europe include four fast 96 m catama- ferries operating in Spain and the | Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Jervis . 'Htm Bay which carries and troops between

Darwin and East Timor. Visit the website

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Pall Rochem Marine

With over 15 years experience, Pall

Rochem is recognized as the world leader in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of shipboard desalination sys- tems. Today, as Pall Rochem Marine, we can additionally provide ultrafiltration (UF) membrane solutions for processing the greywater generated onboard sea going vessels — the integrated solution for all your shipboard water management requirements.

Website: Circle No. 103

Parker Hannifin

Parker's 711 hose and 71 series fittings, an assembly combination designed specifically for injection molding applica- tions, are featured in a new product bul- letin published by Parker Hose Products.

Detailed product specifications are pro- vided in the four-color bulletin. For a copy of Bulletin 4480-B61-USA, contact

Parker Catalog Services, 8940 Tyler Blvd., , (440)205-7799. Circle No. 104

Prime Mover


Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control

System featuring the IMACS (Integrated

Machinery Alarm and Control System),

PMC's color brochure describes the vari- ous features of this system.

Typical functions and operator interface screens are illustrated, using screen cap- tures from the latest vessel installations.

Prime Mover Controls Inc., 3600 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, BC,

Canada V5G 4R8 email: i[email protected] tel: (604) 433-4644 fax: (604) 433-5570

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Winner of the 1996 Seatrade Award for

I Safety at Sea, the EVAC-U8 Emergency

Escape Smoke Hood provides 20 minutes of protection from lethal smoke and fumes in the event of a shipboard fire.

Light, compact and easy to use, EVAC-U8

I is used on safety and liability conscious marine vessels worldwide. (604) 324-3822

Circle No. 106

December, 2000

Mentor, Ohio 44060


Hillard has built a reputation for solving motion control problems by structuring the company so that customers receive direct contact with engineers who design the products. For a free copy of the new product line brochure, call or write The Hillard Corp., 100 West

Fourth Street, Elmira, NY 14902-1504; phone: 607-733-7121; fax: 607-737-1108. Circle No. 107

Rikett AS

Rikett AS has been manufacturing and supplying contract flooring since the early 1950's. Rikett's wide range of high- performance heavy duty Rikett Quartz

Floor Tiles are supplied for numerous commercial, industrial and public sector applications,

Circle No. 113

Mustang Survival

With a 33-year history of expertise in personal survival equipment,

Mustang Survival is a research, development, and manufacturing company whose business is to save lives. In addition to the Ocean

Commander, Mustang provides an array of high tech survival and pro- tective equipment to NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the

U.S. Navy, Coast Guards, and professional users in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Visit: Circle No. 109

Associates, as agent for the


Art Anderson

Art Anderson design

STOLKRAFT hull form, is pleased to introduce this innova- tive, effective, and versatile tech- nology, which has been used successfully in a wide variety of high speed work boats and plea- sure craft around the world over the past twenty years.

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Werk Halver

For decades, MWH has been one of the most important manufac- turers of valve systems in the world. Our reputation for excel- lence is based on a wide product range produced to superior qual- ity standards. Engine manufac- turers and operators constantly praise MWH products for their outstanding perfor- mance and valve. Circle No. Ill


Fuel and Marine Marketing LLC (FAMM), was formed Novem- ber 1, 1998 by Texaco, and

Chevron, combining the global hkimpmahinemaiwetim residual fue] and marine lubri- cants marketing businesses of both companies. FAMM's industrial customers include power plants throughout the United States, Latin

America, Europe and Asia that have learned to rely on us to deliver their fuels and lubricants on time.

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For Sale

Exclusively In Our Hands

Retained by the Bankruptcy Court

TransCoastal Marine Services, Inc.

Pipelay / Bury Barges,

Vessels & Misc. Marine Assets

Assets include ocean-going vessels, river barges, drag-line & jetting equipment, amphibious tracked vehicles, drydock and other related equipment. Some major floating assets include: # 175' oonotruotion / bury vooool "Sea Level No. 31" Sale Pending # 270' dp multiservice, construction / bury vessel "Discovery" # 350' x 60' pipelay / bury barge "Vermillion Bay" # 256' x 72' bury barge "Atchafalaya Bay" # 3,400 ton capacity drydock it Over 80 other omallor bargoo and voooolo


Full list of equipment, price ideas, technical details, surveys and photographs available on the internet or by contacting our office. Equipment located in the

U.S. Gulf Coast. Inspection by arrangement through this office.

Marcon International, Inc.

Tel: 360-678-8880

Fax: 360-678-8890 e-mail: [email protected] www. marcon. com

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The International Maritime

Organization (IMO) is a special- ized agency of the United

Nations dealing with technical and legal matters concerning the safety of international shipping and the prevention of marine pollution from ships.

IMO's publishing activities provide to the world mar- itime community the numerous texts prepared by the

Organization as part of its work program.

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