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Vessel Name




Sea-Land New York


Costamare Shipping

Hyundai Heavy


SeaLand New York is a 6,250 TEU containership built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), delivered to Costamare Ship- ping Company S.A. Upon delivery, the vessels will be employed on its owner's

Far East-PSW service. The vessel has an overall length of 997 ft. (304 m), width of 131 ft. (40 m) and depth of 79 ft. (24.2 m) with a design draft of 39 ft. (12 m). It is powered by a Hyundai-

B&W 1098MC-C model, developing an MCR of 77,600 bhp at 104 rpm that enables the ship to sail at a service speed of 25.6 knots.

This Hyundai containership design features a wider beam that is designed to ensure a better stability when loading and unloading at international contain- er terminals. The vessel is also designed to have superior propulsion efficiency against the various drafts, which will be caused by loading scheme.

The vessel has 8 holds, 6 of which are arranged forward of the engine room (20 ft. container/26 bay) and two are backward (20 ft. container/8 bay) and a maximum of 14 rows and 9 tiers of 20 ft. containers can be stowed in the holds. Two air changes per hour are provided to NO. 1-5 hold in which dan- gerous cargoes of SOLAS classes two to eight can be carried.

The Hyundai containership is girder- less type and can carry the maximum 14 rows of containers. Total TEU is 6,250 of which 3,130 TEU in holds and 3,120 TEU of deck, with 500 FEU reefer sockets provided. Pontoon type hatch covers close the seven holds.

Each hatch cover is made up of three panels with maximum panel weights kept below 40 tons to suit handling by port cranes. The vessel is arranged to

December, 2000 carry 20 ft., 40 ft. and 45 ft. containers.

Cargo holds are provided with 40 ft. fixed cell guide that can load five tiers of 20 ft. container.

Athwartship lashing bridges for 40 ft. and 45 ft. containers are arranged with necessary fittings so that the containers on hatch cover/stool on upper deck can be conveniently and securely lashed up to 5/6 tiers. The Hyundai containership is provided with both optimum section profiles of rudder and tip-raked pro- peller to reduce the possible cavitation.

For durability of outside shell, self-pol- ishing paint of five-year lifetime and

ICCP is applied to the vessel, and anode of five-year lifetime provided in water ballast tank.

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Vessel Millennium

Type Cruise Ship

Owner Celebrity Cruise


Builder Chantiers de I' Atlantique

Millennium — Celebrity's newest ves- sel built by Chantiers de 1' Atlanique — combines old-world elegance with new age technology, as it is the first cruise ship to feature gas turbine as the main propulsion engines.

While the the 965-ft. (294 m), 91,000-ton Millennium had a slight hull design prob- lem which caused a bit a vibration (a problem which is being addressed on Millenni- um at Newport News Shipbuilding (see story, page 14) and by the builder on each sis- ter ship), it will undoubtedly serve as a watershed newbuilding on the cruise market.

The vessel is designed to cruise at 24 knots holding 1,950 passengers and 999 crew.

Celebrity opted to install a pair of GE LM2500+aeroderivative gas turbines, using a combined gas and steam turbine integrated electric drive system (COGES) configu- ration — an extremely efficient use of energy: Energy that would otherwise be lost in the exhaust from the gas turbines is captured to produce steam from boilers for the steam turbines. The gas turbine-based system powers electric motors that move the vessel through the water. COGES is also responsible for all onboard power require- ments, including ventilation systems, electrical power to light cabins and air condi- tioning. While the gas turbines offer the environmentally friendly 80 to 90 percent reduction in exhaust emissions and noxious gases, Celebrity has gone a step further in its environmental safety precautions with a flue gas cleaning system and de-ashing incinerators. This concept ensures a "green ship" status at all times with no discharge and stringent monitoring of emissions and residuals at sea and port conditions. The company has contracted Chantiers to construct three additional vessels that will round out the Millennium Class series — Infinity, Summit and an unnamed vessel, respec- tively scheduled for completion in January 2001, August 2001 and April 2002.

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