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IMO/GMDSS requirements.

On the Cover: Royal Caribbean's 88,000-gt Radiance of the Seas, (featured on page 26), recently depart- ed the building dock of Meyer Welti's Papenburg yard. The vessel, which is the first of four, is scheduled for a Spring 2001 delivery.

For further coverage on the state of the cruise industry, turn to page 23. 8 12 23 29 33

Emerging Electronics

Electronic control of large two-stroke diesel engines has now become a reality. — by David Tinsiey

Nine Days

Cascade General performs generator replacement on P&O's Sea Princess in just nine days.

Cruise Shipping Prospects

Cunard's new Queen Mary 2 is fit for a "Queen;" Lazard offers cruise financial insights; Crystal signs contract with

Chantiers de 1' Atlantique for third vessel.

Welcome Back

What do you get when you add seasoned shipbuilding veterans to a technologically advanced facility? Kvaerner Philadelphia — a new force in the U.S. shipbuilding scene — by Regina P. Ciardiello 47 16 21 38 49 54 62 63

Maritime Reporter's Great Ships of 2000 features a vast mix of prized vessels — from the largest European-built cruise ship — to a heavy lift ship that made headlines earlier this year with its rescue efforts of the stricken Aegis destroyer, USS Cole.


Cad/Cam solutions can help medium and small shipyards save time and money.

New & Notable

Ferliship's New Ship Contracts

Marine Innovations

Marine Literature Review


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