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Bollinger Offers New Pitch To

Ship Repair

Bollinger Quick Repair (BQR), the ship repair and conversion facilities of

Bollinger Shipyard has gone online with its new service, which aims to save ves- sel owners and operators money, as well as helping vessels to run more efficient- ly. The service is available via any of

Bollinger's 14 shipyard in Louisiana and

Texas. "Experience in our quick repair ship- yard has shown that many new vessels are outfitted with under performing pro- pellers for the type and work of the boat," said Jim Smith, BQR's engineer- ing and technical manager. "Our new system, for propellers of at least 36 in., can help prevent that while speeding up the production of new propellers and the repair or modification of others."

Smith added that a problem is obvi- ously visible when propellers are dam- aged. However, he cited that when a ves- sel is not performing as expected, the propellers are often the wrong size, pitch diameter, style, or material. Bollinger offers a solution to this by recommend- ing and providing the proper propeller for new boats, and suggesting and per- forming remedies for repair or modifica- tions.

Bollinger encourages direct customer input when dealing with propeller repair, therefore the company invites

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You require CAD/CAM software to take your project from concept to production quickly and efficiently. What you need is the fully integrated software suite from Autoship Systems.

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Customers can log onto BQR's Web site at: for personalized propeller repair. customers to either visit its Harvey, La. site on long onto its Web site at:, where they will find a propeller request form.

By completing this, customers can pro- vide Bollinger with useful information about their vessel's engines, gears, shaft size, diameter and pitch. This direct cus- tomer input allows Bollinger's propeller engineers to analyze the data efficiently, and evaluate the proposed propellers for new boats and those already outfitted. In most cases, according to Smith, "Bollinger can respond in 24 hours. For those clients with existing wheels, we can analyze the wheel at our Harvey facility on our computerized pitchome- ter, and then perform the needed correc- tion on site."

Trident Technologies' SeaPatch

Protects Against Spills

Trident Technologies, Baton Rouge,

La., has been recognized in the emer- gency response sector of the maritime industry for its Sea-Patch Magnetic adhesion device. Available in three different sizes, the product, which protects against hazmat spills, offers versatility and leak stopping power, which is a necessity in spill contain- ment devices.

Specifically designed for the mar- itime industry by its developer, for- mer Navy Seal Buren Palmer, Sea-

Patch is engineered to stop leaks in the shortest amount of time possible.

It can be secured to any hull either above or below the water level. Its modular, locking pin design provides the flexibility to make the product fit most any need.

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