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Suez Canal Authority

Orders Syncrolift

Syncrolifit, a Rolls-Royce company, has been chosen by the Suez Canal

Authority to supply a shiplift and trans- fer system valued at more than $7 mil- lion for the dry docking of Nile River cruise ferries.

Delivery of the 3,420 ton-lift-capacity

Syncrolift is scheduled for the Armant

Shipyard on the Upper Nile near Luxor

City in March 2002. The shipyard will use the installation specifically for the dry docking of ferries to improve effi- ciency in overall shipyard repair and maintenance, as well as minimizing the loss of revenue while cruise ferries are out of service for repair. This is espe- cially conducive for the cruise industry, which relies heavily on an itinerary

Syncrolift's new shiplift and transfer system

Vessel Tracking, E-mail, and Much More...

Circle 209 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News basis. The Syncrolift system provides the benefit of less time out of the water, which leads to cancelled cruises and loss of revenue.

The order is the sixth Syncrolift instal- lation in Egypt — the other two are with the Egyptian Navy — bringing Syncro- lift's total worldwide installation to 221.

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Repair Pipe Leaks FAST



IT Pipe

Repair Sys- tem has been successfully used to repair a variety of leaks in marine and offshore applications, under- water cable, chemical plants, refineries, municipal water and wastewater utili- ties, electric utilities, irrigation, pools and spas, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings; schools; hospitals; farms and many others since 1986.

The included FIX STIX hand-mold- able epoxy is NSF certified and safe for use on potable water. Pipes are wrapped with a water activated knitted fiberglass tape, pre-coated with urethane, that can be applied by one person with no mix- ing, measuring or hot work. STOP IT sets in five minutes, cures fully in 30 minutes and conforms around elbows, tees and other fittings. The surface of the pipe does not have to be clean or dry, just rough.

STOP IT can be applied right over an old rusty line, and can be applied com- pletely underwater or buried under- ground. After the 30-minute cure, STOP

IT will withstand up to 400 PSI and 500° F and has excellent chemical resis- tance.

STOP IT reinforces the structural integrity of joints, with tests showing that it adds over 2,000 lbs. of pullout strength to a 2" PVC coupling. The product can also be used on electrical conduit or any cable cover.

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