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USS Cole Returns Home

To Litton Ingalls

Following the attack of USS Cole this past fall, the vessel returned to dry land to commence repair and restoration damage at Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding in

Pascagoula, Miss.

USS Cole was moved January 14 on land from

Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding's floating drydock into a construction area of the shipyard's west bank.

Litton workers first picked up the 8,600-ton destroyer on the company's floating drydock, and then moved the ship over land, into a construction bay near where the ship was originally con- structed five years ago.

The process of moving the ship over land was accomplished by a system of electrically-powered translation cars that travel over rails - similar to the way a train moves over land. Able to process as much as 200 tons of weight each, the cars relocated Cole 100 yards into the shipyard in approximately three hours time. The destroyer will remain at

Ingalls until its restoration is complete.

Atlantic Dry Dock Takes On Tug

And Gaming Market

Gaming vessel La Cruise will undergo routine maintenance at Atlantic Dry Dock.

With its 14,600 LT drydock complete- ly booked until the end of April, which has been utilized to the fullest since it was put into operation last summer,

Atlantic Dry Dock has myriad of pro- jects scheduled at its yard.

The company's 4,000 LT Marine Rail- way is back in operation after an exten- sive overhaul. Upcoming projects include routine maintenance on the dump scow, BTS 401; mega-yacht,

Cakewalk; general cargo ship, Argosy; gaming vessel, La Cruise, and ferry Jean


Regarding Atlantic's 1,300 LT Marine

Railway, the drydock has been busy over the past several months with vessels from both the Tug and Gaming market segments.Upcoming projects include the tug, Chub Key; and gaming vessel, Star- dancer.

In addition, to its newly-renovated drydocks, the company now houses a fully modernized Inside Machine Shop operation equipped with a 65 ft. (19.8 m) lathe capsule, which can accommo- date a 6 ft. (1.8 m) turn.

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