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E-Commerce (continued i 'Web' to Net Rust Buckets

The power of the Internet is expanding far beyond the traditional business models of delivering information and facilitating transactions. A major goal of the Euro- pean Commission's safety initiative is increasing the transparency of the marine industry, and a major plank in this platform is the Internet. It plans to achieve this by harnessing the power of the Internet, putting all ships details and histories on a single publicly-accessi- ble database called Equasis ( The goal: accountability. Publishing details — both good and bad — for all to see, is hoped to be a deterrent to charterers seeking the lowest possible cost in the face of safety. The EU plans to work with the U.S. Coast

Guard and with Japanese maritime authorities to build a global picture of ships' safety records. is an inde- pendent e-marketplace open to all buyers and suppliers in the marine industry. Its goal is to bring together the widest possi- ble range of industry players — ship owners, brokers, traders and suppliers — within a single integrated, online business envi- ronment. offers fully web-enabled online auctioning of marine bunker fuels, fuel cargoes, industry news, bunker pric- ing from H. Clarksons & Co. Ltd. and Cockett Marine

Oil, forward price indications from Sempra Energy, and commentary from industry expert Michael J.

Marco. As our Web site continues to grow and build upon its marine industry knowledge and expertise, we continue to offer a broad range of e-commerce services and value-enhancing products such as OceanCon- Credit Solutions and other new financing and scheduling tools.


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Setfair. com provides an e-business procurement solution that streamlines the global buying and selling of maritime supplies from straight orders to detailed request for orders. Users of can identify the items they require using specialist product catego- ry codes and product attributes as well as purchase a ' WESTEHN BRANCH METALS5

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Marine buyers can find and buy nearly anything on the Internet, from diesel engine spare parts to marine shafting (pictured is Western Branch

Metals found at variety of products and services from leading industry suppliers on-line.

Vessel-Net. Com

Vessel-Net.Com, which develops and markets the leading Marine Administration and Planning software solution, MAP, selected Miami as its global headquar- ters. This solution addresses the complete manage- ment, scheduling and reporting for all commercial marine organizations. The MAP solution is comprised of nine modules: Marine Logs; Maintenance; Interfac- ing; Inventory; Procurement; Human Resources;

Scheduling; Health & Safety; and Replication. Vessel-

Net.Com is led by CEO Benjamin J. Keeley, who before joining the company was the manager of Data- base Operations and Administration at Royal

Caribbean Cruises. e4marine Goes Live e4marine, a marine procurement portal established in

May 2000 by Unitor and SpecTec, has moved into pro- duction with its first major customer, Finnish ferry operator Silja Line. Silja Line tested the system on its flagship, the 59,912 git Silja Europa, sailing between

Stockholm (Sweden) and Turku (Finland). The inter- net compatible system allows engineers onboard to place purchase orders (PO's) and requests for quotation (RFQ's) electronically with preferred suppliers.

Worldscale On The 'Net'

Worldscale, the 500-page annual guide to tanker freight rates, will be available via the Internet as of

March 5, 2001. The site has been developed jointly by the Worldscale Associations in London and New

York, and tested among existing subscribers. "This is the most significant advance in the Worldscale prod- uct since the concept was introduced more than 40 years ago," said Iain Shaw, chairman of the World- scale Association (London) Ltd. and CEO of

Seascope Shipping Ltd.

The organization believes that the Internet version — which is designed as a "no frills" package with minimal graphics — offers many advantages to the printed guide. In addition to speed and ease of use and round-the-clock availability, it provides access to

Worldscale's complete database of 280,000 flat rates, which is quadruple the number found in the printed version. It also gives alternative voyage routings, and automatically highlights information that normally needs to be investigated separately.

Internet access is available only to Worldscale sub- scribers, who pay an annual fee of $1,825. The addi- tional cost of subscribing to the Internet service is $1,000, however the cost of licenses for additional users within the subscribers organization is $75 each.

Worldscale was first published in 1969.


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