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COMSAT Mobile Communications

Innovative Prepaid Calling Features With A Single Card

Manage Communication costs by paying in advance — COMSAT

Mobile Communications' (CMC) prepaid calling allows customers to manage their communications costs and stay within budget. No monthly invoices to sort, no payments to col- lect. Using prepaid cards eliminates burdensome tracking of crew and personal calls, and also allows multi- ple callers to share a common

Inmarsat terminal.

This innovative service is affordably priced and offers reduced rates and shortened our debiting increments to six-seconds. A global rate for mini-M users is also available.

The state-of-the-art system is not only reliable, but offers high levels ol performance quality, is user friendly and is compatible with all COMSAT services: -A, -B, -M, -Mini-M,

COMSAT Mobile ISDN and Aero H (aeronautical) and we've got new recharging and call continuation fea- tures. "CMC developed this new service to meet our customers' growing demand for prepaid services in the maritime, aeronautical and land mobile markets," said Kathryn Y.

Holman, vice president and general manager of COMSAT Mobile Com- munications. "Prepaid calling allows customers to manage their communi- cations costs and stay within budget.

It also eliminates burdensome track- ing of crew and personal calls, mak- ing a single satellite terminal accessi- ble to multiple users."'

The new system is installed in

CMC's Southbury, Conn., land earth station and is administered by CMC technicians and customer service spe- cialists. This reduces operational costs and the savings are passed onto

CMC prepaid calling customers.

Each CMC prepaid calling card comes with a unique six-digit autho- rization code on the back of the card.

The dialing process has been stream- lined, so users follow just two quick and easy steps to place a call.

The new prepaid service is also designed to make satellite calling eas- ier. It incorporates enhanced calling features that include call continua- tion, card recharging and simplified dialing. Call continuation is a conve- nient feature that allows a caller to

For COMSAT voice calls via Inmarsat ^

Expires 12 months after first use

Select COMSAT on the wran

Dai 26* before making each call SCRATCH FOR AUTHORIZATION cooe

Follow voice prwnpt and enter '"< authorization code

For US or other country code 1 calls Enter area code, telephone number

For all olher calls' Enter 011, co^ilry code, area code, telephone number

Wart for nng: if no anaver or busy - try later ton vnll hear a message vrhen there are 2 minutes left

For more information cell COMSAT Customer Care- t 800 6SS 7B98 or *1 301 2t4 3100 (outside the U.S.)

Pay-as-you-go with COMSAT Mobile's prepaid calling card, which boasts a variety of uses, including an easy, streamlined dialing process that requires just two steps.

An lnmarsat-3 satellite, which is an instrumental force in COMSAT'S Prepaid Calling Card Service. continue a call from one prepaid card to another. A caller will receive a warning when one minute of call time remains. The caller can then enter a new six-digit authorization number for a new card and continue the call. Customers can also recharge their CMC calling cards for any amount. To recharge a calling card, customers need only to have either a major credit card or CMC account.

Developed for multi-industry use, the card is being touted as a morale booster or reward for those who work in remote locations, where regular telephone service is not readily avail- able. The card is also ideal for those in the armed forces, who are stationed on the high seas, as well as to employ- ees involved in the offshore and gas exploration industry, who are work- ing on remote offshore rigs.

An added bonus to employers is that the card is available on a pay-as- you-go basis, making it a cost-effec- tive option that doesn't demand a large up-front investment. This is especially conducive if a large amount of cards, such as 200 are ordered, as the employer will not owe anything until one of the cards is activated.

For more information on COM-

SAT Mobile's new Prepaid Calling

Card Service, contact CMC at tel: (800) 685-7898 (U.S.); (301) 214- 3100 (worldwide), or by e-mail: cmc-

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