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Caterpillar Introduces Compact Marine Propulsion Engines

Caterpillar Inc. has launched its new 3034 DIT, 3034 DINA, 3054 DIT and 3054B DINA marine propulsion engines. The 3034, 3054 and 3054B engines are designed to offer outstand- ing reliability and durability in a very compact package size.

Expanding upon the Cat 3000 line of engines introduced in 2000. these versa- tile. powerful engines can be applied in single or twin-engine workboat, fish boat, passenger ferry, patrol craft, sail- boat or pleasure craft applications.

Caterpillar initially offered the 3056 propulsion engine as the first in a new

Caterpillar's 3034 marine engine



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What you can't see could be bad for your business. And for ours. There may be new submarine cables in the area where you are working. Concert would like you to have free cable charts showing where they are located. And take the mystery out of avoiding them.

Please consider my request for free cable charts.


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J 12300 Approaches to New York • 12318 Little Kgg Inlet to Hereford Inlet ^ 12323 Sea Girt to Little Egg Inlet — 12353 Shinnecock Light to Fire Island Light • 13205 Blcxk Island Sound and Approaches • 13218 Martha s Vineyard to Block Island • 18007 San Francisco to Cape Flattery • 18480 Approaches to Straits of |uan de Fuca • 18580 Cape Blanco to Yaquina Head • 18620 Point Arena to Trinidad Head ' 186-tO San Francisco to Point Arena

I J 18700 Point Conception to Point Sur 26320 Florida and the Bahama Islands

Lj U46O Cape Canaveral to Key West

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Submarine Cable Protection

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Or call us toll-free: 1-800-235-CHARTS

Chart requests subject to availability and are considered on a case-by-case basis. coBJcert

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Caterpillar's 3054 marine engine line of compact, fuel-efficient marine propulsion engines based on an environ- mentally friendly, in-line six-cylinder, four-stroke cycle diesel design.

Operation is quiet and clean with extremely low emissions levels, and the engines are environmentally friendly with no visible smoke throughout the engine's operating range.

The engine is designed to offer owners low fuel consumption, low cost of replacement parts and extended service intervals meaning overall low operation costs of the engines. Engine shipments to dealers will begin in July for the 3034 and September for the 3054 models.

The 3034, 3054 and 3054B engines feature a high-tech rotary fuel injection pump and low inertia injection system that use less engine energy to move fuel to the injectors. The state-of-the-art combustion chamber design provides the correct fuel/air mix for combustion efficiency, power and torque, and low fuel consumption and emissions. The combustion systems' relatively low peak pressure reduces mechanical stress within the engine to improve reliability and prolong engine life.

The recommended oil and filter change interval is 250 hours for the 3054. but engines in 'E' applications and some 'D' applications where load factors are less than 30 percent may be capable of an extended interval of up to 500 hours. Similar to larger Cat engines, both seawater and freshwater pumps are gear driven on the 3054 and 3054B. The 3034 is available with a gear-driven sea- water pump and belt-driven jacket water pumps. On heat exchanger cooled engines, the heat exchanger is equipped with long-life cupro nickel tubes and replaceable end caps for easy service.

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