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Investment m Design 4 : Mr^ih- rr^ Ii !l. _ i- • i . .

Side elevation of the 14-cyl. Sulzer


The innovative unit measures 89.6 ft. (27.31 m) long overall to the flywheel, and is 44.4 ft. (13.54 m) tall. Development of the mammoth engine is direct response to investigation of an ever-larger breed of containerships. peller configurations. The area encom- passed by what is currently on the draw- ing board and the purely conceptual designs of colossal capacity could also provide opportunities for hybrid propul- sion concepts, combining proven sys- tems.

ABB Industry's Rami Jokela has pro- vided new food for thought in this respect by advocating the use of the pro- prietary Azipod podded propulsion sys- tem in conjunction with a conventional, low-speed diesel-driven propeller as an effective solution for the upcoming gen- eration of ultra-large boxships. An essential element of the proposal is that the diesel-electric pod propeller would contra-rotate behind the main propeller.

It is claimed that this would give the increased propulsion efficiency associ- ated with a contra-rotating arrangement, but without the complexities of estab- lished contra-rotating propeller solu- tions based on concentric shafts. The concept put forward by Jokela is target- ed at vessels over 9,000-TEU, and its economic merits are most pronounced in relation to twin-screw solutions. It has been formulated in mind not only of the raw propulsive power needs of the huge new ships, but also of the ris- ing onboard requirement for electrical energy attributable to growing provi- sion for refrigerated containers. Reefer box slots can typically account for up to 10-percent of total stowage in the large new classes of post-Panamax linehaul vessel, requiring a very substantial aux- iliary genset outfit.

It is claimed that a combination of low-speed diesel plus a genset plant that can feed electrical power to the pod end of the propulsion system plus all other shipboard consumers offers sav- ings of some 17-percent in total installed power in relation to an outfit based on twin main engines and auxil- iary gensets. The azimuthing podded propeller offers a degree of redundancy, and would contribute to better maneu- verability, as well as enabling rudder systems to be dispensed with.

Although the Finnish company con- tends that cavitation would be within acceptable limits, some experts believe that more hydrodynamic work needs to be undertaken to ensure satisfactory blade cavitation performance with sys- tems where the podded propulsor is to be used for steering purposes.

Ideas Management

In a bid to create an effective structure for stimulating and assessing ideas sug- gested to or generated within the organi- zation, Germanischer Lloyd has imple- mented a system known as innovation management.

The main objective of the initiative is to provide strategic guidance for all future technical developments undertak- en by the society, so that time, people and resources are utilized in a more focused manner. The move is also designed to create more of an incentive to personnel to be forthcoming with ideas, and to provide a fast-track route to the development of agreed projects in targeted areas. A dedicated innovation


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