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Would you like to send a short message to let someone special know you are thinking about them while at sea? With Eik SMS you can do this anytime at less than it would cost you to buy a greeting card. In addition, authorized GSM subscribers* can send an SMS directly from their telephone to an Inmarsat-C terminal. in 1/1


Gasy to USE

Sending an SMS message directly from your Inmarsat-C terminal is as easy as using Eik Internet C. Like Eik Internet C, no Internet connection, additional software, or registration is necessary. You can send SMS messages from your vessel's

Inmarsat-C terminal to friends, family and important business contacts on shore, provided that they have a CSM mobile/ cellular telephone.

Sending an SMS from your CSM phone to an Inmarsat-C terminal is virtually no different from sending a normal SMS.

Sending SMS ship to shore (from an Inmarsat-C terminal)

In the body of the message (text field) enter the country code (without 00) and the telephone number of the recipient followed by a blank space. Start typing your message immediately after this.

NOTE: The telephone number and start of text MUST BE in the very first line of the message.


Country Country Blank

Code number space Message begins here T T T T mi imi * 4799999999 Hi Honey! Look forward to seeing you next week.

Hug the kids for me! - Odysseus

Then send the message using special access code 66.

Both 5-bit (telex) and 7-bit (text) formats can be used.


SMS messages from from Inmarsat-C terminals are limited to a total of 160 characters (excluding the country code and tele- phone number). In the above example, 160 characters are available following the blank space. If your message is larger than 160 characters, the message will automatically be split into two or more messages. For example, a message of 200 characters will be divided into two SMS messages of 160 and 40 characters, respectively.

Sending SMS shore to ship (from a GSM telephone)

To use this service from shore to ship, the Inmarsat-C terminal in question must be registered for SMS reception. The terminal owner designates which CSM numbers are allowed to send SMS transmissions on his account. To register, contact customer support at the coordinates given below.

To send an SMS from shore, write an SMS message consisting of the following three elements: 1) The Inmarsat-C number of the target terminal preceded by the word "eik" 2) A blank space 3) Your actual message. Below is an example of a correct SMS to Inmarsat-C terminal number 492421540:

NOTE: A blank space must be used between the designated terminal and the actual message.


Inmarsat-C terminal Blank

Eik number space Actual message T T T • ni ii—ii * eik492421540 Attn: Master. I will be in Singapore on the 18th. - Mr. Hansen

Send your message to the following number: +353868060722

NOTE: Consult your telephone's user manual if you are unfamiliar with sending an SMS. This manual likely contains information on how to quickly switch between text mode and number mode when writing an SMS. This will make it easier to enter the recipient's address correctly.

Benefits: • SMS reaches a greater number of people than e-mail • SMS promotes concise, inexpensive communication • Messages can be sent at all hours of the day without disturbing recipients • Easy to use

Practicality and savings:

The introduction of Eik Internet C provided vessels with a money-saving alternative for the transmission of vital information ashore. Similarly, Eik SMS is an inexpensive alternative to voice communications when the need arises to communicate short mes- sages between ship and shore, and is available in all ocean regions.


For further information contact our customer support centers:

Onboard users:

Eik 24-hour Customer Support, short code 33 (free of charge), Fax: +47 51 40 22 40


Shore users:

Tel: +47 22 77 80 10, Fax: +47 22 77 80 20

Internet: 'Registration and authorization by terminal owner required.

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