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Marco Shipyard Concludes

Pilot Station Vessel Contract

Marco Shipyard has concluded its contract for two new pilot station vessels for the San Francisco Bar Pilots with the delivery of the 104-ft. (31.7-m) Califor- nia — sistership to San Francisco. duty 12 miles outside the Golden Gate

Bridge at all times — in order to serve approximately 8.500 vessels per year.

California's raised pilothouse forward provides excellent visibility over pilot transfer operations on both the port and starboard sides, as well as clear visibili- ty up the side of the vessel being ser-

Outfitted with the latest navaids and communications technology, the new

Marco-designed boats transfer pilots safely to and from ships entering or leaving San Francisco Bay. and provide quarters for pilots between assignments.

The San Francisco Bar Pilots maintain two pilots stations — one of which is on

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Insist upon

Barkemeyer ^ manoeuvring 1§| equipment U

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Tested and Approved HAMMAR H20E Hydrostatic

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EXPIRATION DATE - Just look on the side of the unit to see which month and year are etched out If the expiration date is near or has lapsed, it is time to replace the hydrostatic release and the plastic bolt with attachments.

Marine Visual Distress Signal Kit

For Commercial Fishing Vessels

Ocean Kit: Approved for vessels operating in all waters.

Signals included in Ocean Kit: 3 RED PARACHUTE FLARES, 6 RED HAND FLARES, 3 ORANGE SMOKE SIGNALS _ Watertight container • Signals meet U.S.C.G. and

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Deckbuoy: 30" 2.5 kg. buoy with retroreflective tape.

Approved for shipboard and offshore deck platform installations. Meets U.S.C.G., S.O.L.A.S., and EC Certified.

Brigdebuoy: 30" 4 kg. buoy with retroreflective tape.

Approved for use with quick release ring buoy bracket.

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Marine Safety Equipment

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The 104-ft. (31.7-m) pilot station vessel Califor- nia, which was designed and built by MARCO

Shipyard Seattle. viced.

The vessel's accommodations are pro- vided on the lower deck, with an eight- person berthing compartment for pilots forward: crew quarters for five are locat- ed aft of the amidships engine room.

Located at the vessel's stern is a 16-ft. (4.8-m) Ocean Tech RIB powered by a 100-hp diesel engine and waterjet, which can be used as an emergency res- cue boat and for pilot transfers with low-freeboard vessels. The RIB is car- ried on a hydraulically-powered cradle that lowers the boat for release while underway, raising it to main deck level for stowage.

Measuring 104 ft. (37.1 m) with a beam of 30 ft. (9 m), and a depth of 13 ft. (3.8 m), the all-steel, twin-screw Cal- ifornia is powered by a pair of Caterpil- lar diesels, providing a combined 2,200 hp to drive its 64-in. Sound Propeller via Twin Disc gearboxes.

Exceeding its 14-knot design speed during trials, the vessel is fitted with a host of distribution panels, master alarm panel and wiring by Harris Electric.

Electronics onboard include two Furuno

X-band radars, GPS receivers, color depth sounder; Transas chart plotting system; Sperry gyrocompass; and Litton autopilot

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Bath Iron Works Launches

Mason (DDG 87)

Bath Iron Works launched its newest

U.S. Navy destroyer on June 23 — sub- sequent to the opening of its new Navy shipbuilding facility, which occurred on

May 5. Scheduled to launch at slack high tide. Mason was sponsored by U.S.

Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine.

DDG 87 is the 21st Arleigh Burke-class

Destroyer to be built at BIW.

The vessel's namesake honors two previous ships of the same name. The first Mason, which served the Navy from 1920-1941. was named for John

Young Mason, Secretary of the Navy for Presidents John Tyler and James K.

Polk. The second Mason was used by the Navy from 1944-1945, and was named for Ensign Newton Henry

Mason, who enlisted as a seaman in the

Naval Reserve — eventually becoming an aviation cadet in 1941.




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