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P O Drawer 386. Groves TX 77619

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Website: www ties for pre-fabricated components and modular construction techniques."

Alabama Shipyard in Mobile, Ala., has entered into an alliance with Conoco wholly owned affili- ate. Seahorse Shuttling and Technology LLC (Sea- horse) and Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea to develop a design and construction plan that could have American-built shuttle tankers ready for ser- vice in 2004.

The approval of the use of FPSO vessels in the

Gulf of Mexico (see MR/EN June 2001, Future

Requirements for Shuttle Tankers in the Gulf. pg. 42) means that the demand for these vessel types will be high for the coming five to 10 years. Sea- horse was formed by Conoco to provide crude oil storage and tanker shuttling services for new oil discoveries made by Conoco and other companies in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. "Our previous successes with Samsung building the first genera- tion of double-hulled tankers and our pacesetting ultra deepwater drillships are evidence of the com- panies' technological innovation," said Rick Oshlo. vice president and general manager of Conoco Sup- ply and Trading. "We are pleased to add Alabama

Shipbuilding to this long-standing relationship,"

Oshlo added.

The recent surge in offshore fortunes has even spurned the opening of a new construction facility, in anticipation of the overflow of demand, which can be expected in a strong offshore oil market.

Kiewit Offshore Services, Ltd., a unit of Peter

Kiewit Sons'. Inc. of Omaha, Neb., is building a state-of-the-art offshore fabrication facility in Ingle- side, Texas, near Corpus Christi. The new yard is being built on a 400-acre parcel along the La Quin- ta Channel, providing unrestricted deepwater access to the Gulf of Mexico. The yard is currently under construction and will be ready to start performing fabrication services in June 2001. The KOS facility is expected to create 800 to 1,000 jobs.

Said KOS President, Myron Rodrigue: "We expect to successfully compete in the offshore fab- rication arena, especially on large, complex deep- water projects. Our greatest assets are our people, our cohesive team and our commitment to safety, quality and productivity." He added that a team of seasoned Kiewit employees, who have worked together in the offshore industry, will manage the new KOS facility. !NT%RCON


For more information v ^'^r " on Intercons ATB ' connection technology. \ contact: ^ \



P.O. Box 9055

Kansas City. Missouri 64168 • phone (816) 741 -0700 ^^S fax (816) 741-5232 - INNOVATION - EXPERIENCE - QUALITY


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Circle 278 on Reader Service Card www. maritimereporterinfo. com deck space area for cargo loading of 8,100 sq. ft. and a cargo capacity of 1.900 long tons.

Navigation equipment includes the IVCS 2000

DP system provided by Frank L Beier Radio Inc.

Five more of these units have been slated for instal- lation on the remaining HOS vessels under con- struction. The electronics suite selected by Horn- beck Offshore and installed by Beier offer the crew state-of-the-art tools needed to operate safely and efficiently. Other advanced technologies in this suite include radars providing real-time chart plot- ting software and touch-screen monitoring systems.

The next of these state-of-the-art DP II vessels is due for delivery mid October 2001.

Conrad Industries in Morgan City, La., has logged its best quarterly results since 1998 in announcing that its net income for 1Q 2001 is $951,000 for the three months ended March 31. versus net income of $782,000 for the comparable quarter in 2000. Gross profit for the quarter was $2.8 million, as compared to a gross profit of $2.5 million for the three months ended March 31. 2000.

In assessing the results. William H. Hidalgo, pres- ident and CEO. said "The vessel construction seg- ment continues to remain competitive, but we believe that our strategies of managing our backlog to take advantage of favorable pricing trends and pursuing opportunities in our key niche product areas will continue to produce favorable results.

We are currently in discussion and negotiations with various customers for vessel construction pro- jects. and have learned that the U.S. Army is plan- ning to purchase three additional ST Tugs, which have already been authorized and appropriated by

Congress for approximately $7.5 million."

Conrad is in the midst of a big facility expansion and enhancement, with the devel- opment of 52 acres of land in

Amelia. The first phase of the development will start this summer, cost $4 million, and include dredging a slip, bulk- heading and partial construc- tion of an infrastructure to support repair and conversion activities. An $800,000 expansion of the Morgan City facility will increase capabili-

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