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Trico Marine Acquires Two

Large PSVs

Trico Marine Services, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire two 279- ft. (85 m) platform supply vessels for approximately $4.4 million. The two state-of-the-art, UT 745 design vessels are currently under construction in Nor- way and are slated for delivery in April and August 2002. Payment terms for each of the vessels call for payments equal to 20 percent during construction and 80 percent upon delivery. "The UT 745 vessels, which are equipped with

DP2 (dynamic positioning) systems, are among the largest, most technological- ly-advanced platform supply vessels available in the industry today," said

Thomas E. Fairley. president and CEO. "The addition of these two vessels to our fleet enhances Trico's ability to ser- vice both the North Sea market and the growing deepwater market worldwide."

AMPS Provides The Power

The AMPS generators is designed to run cooler and more efficient than their diesel counter- parts, the supplied hydraulic pump and fluid reservoir can be used to run other hydraulic sys- tems onboard a vessel.

Advanced Modular Power Systems (AMPS) is the largest manufacturer of hydraulically driven generators, produc- ing approximately 100 units per month in the range from 6 to 30 kW. The marine generators are known as the

CruiseGen, and currently there are 6,000 units in service. The AMPS hydraulic AC generators are designed to provide advantage over traditional diesel powered generator systems. For example, hydraulics reportedly allow the generator to spin at a constant rpm, even with variable engine speeds and loads. In most applications, AMPS hydraulic generators provide clean, quality power from engine idle to engine redline. The company said the units are more dependable, run cooler and less expensive, and take up less space than traditional diesel powered generators. The hydraulic pump and fluid reservoir are provided with AMPS generators, thus with the help of flow control valves, other hydraulic systems onboard may be run off of the same sys- tem as the AMPS generator.

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Thompson Paves The Way

Thompson Engineering is a 48-year- old company that is involved in multi- disciplined engineering design, environ- mental consulting, construction man- agement, construction inspection and materials testing. The company had revenues of $20 million in FY 2000.

Thompson has strong ties to the marine market, and offers a full range of ser- vices such as field landside and marine geotechnical services, marine hydro- graphic surveys, and specialized and chemical laboratory analyses on sam- ples from dredge sites. Thompson has worked to bring several of the GOM area's leading projects to fruition, including a full range of projects for the

Coflexip Stena Offshore Pipe Fabrica- tion Facility. It also designed a 40,000- sq.-ft. manufacturing building, as well as a launch facility at the new Austal

Shipbuilding facility in Mobile, Ala.

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OTIS 2001 Award: Highly Commended

CITIS @ fast-

ImailJ 2000 :-easy-reliable satellite communications

Satellite e-mail with Internet, fax & telex delivery easier-to-use and improved user interface.

Features: • Mailbag compression • HSD support • Full duplex • LAN support (POP3/SMTP) • Works over Inmarsat (A, B, M, Mini M & M4)

Possibility of automated cost allocation to control costs.

Networked version for on board multi PC operation available soon.

Runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4.

Support for all MAPI compliant e-mail clients.

For non-Outlook users wc provide an Outlook compatible e-mail client.










Hong Kong













South Africa






I SCRATCH 4 PHONE m "' Scratch &

Phone cards with dialler

For fraud free and hassle free crew calling SAIT

Scratch & Phone cards are avai able from

France |JE3

Telecom & MVS.

Global 64 kbit/s HSD service for back-up and fast data transfer

Connected using Inmarsat-B

HSD service of e.g. France

Telecom offered through


High Speed Data for Internet search/consultation, e-business and e-commerce, file transfer e-mail,...

For use on sea and on land

In addition to being an

Accredited Accounting

Authority, SAIT-RadioHolland offer highly attractive airtime rates for use with the

Inmarsat system through preferred LESOs (Land

Earth Station Operators):

DeTeSat, MVS, Inc. &

France Telecom

To find out more, contact our customer service department. ••OOP Mm )oo mu^oo


Contact our customer service department for the reseller nearest you. tel: +32 70 233 220 fax: +32 2 332 3327 e-mail: web:

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