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Jacksonville, Florida 2000 IMS 4010 Dredge

MARINE EQUIPMENT 4- Dravo 10 x 34 x 130 Ft Double Rigged Cargo Barge, Ingalls Shipyard 10 x 34 x 130 Ft Double Rigged Deck Cargo Barge, 5 x 22 x 88 Ft Military Spar Barge, 2x6 x 12 Ft Barge, 5 x 21 x 88 Ft Military Spud Flat, 5 x 21 x 88 Ft Military Work Flat, 16 Ft 3 In. x 50 Ft Work Flat, 5 x 12 x 34 Ft Dredge Tender, 1995 Moody Bros Marine 13 Ft 9 In. x 25 Ft 6 In. Dredge Tender, 4 Ft 9 In. x 18 Ft x 25 Ft Dredge Tender, 2000

IMS 4010 Dredge, 1996 Boston Whaler Dauntless 15 15 Ft Open Skiff, 1998

Liningston 14 Ft Open Fiberglass Skiff, 2000 Green Cove Springs 7 x 22 x 45 Ft

Pushboat, 1999 Moody Bros Inc 8 x 24 Ft Crewboat, 2- F & F 20 Ft Aluminum Jon

Boat, Monarch 20 Ft Aluminum Jon Boat.

Other Equipment Includes:

Crawler Tractors, Wheel Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Loader Backhoes, Rough Terrain Cranes,

Conventional Truck Cranes, 10- Crawler Draglines/Cranes, Concrete Pavers, Truck Tractors, Dump

Trucks, Utility Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Pickups, Lowboys, Hiboys, Camp Units, Forklifts, Drills, 17-

Compressors, 12- Generator Sets, Light Towers, 16- Welders, 12- Pumps, Concrete Equipment,

Survey Equipment, Hydraulic Hammers, Equipment Attachments And Much More.

A Realignment & Relocation of Equipment For

Wood-Hopkins Contracting Company LLC

Thursday, August 16, 2001 8:00 am

Sale Site: 1901 Hill Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32205 Fax:(352) 401-0450


FOR INFORMATION ON OTHER RITCHIE BROS. AUCTIONS PLEASE CONTACT - TEL: (402) 421-3631 OR 1-800-663-8457 • FAX: (402) 421-1738 • | HNMK ^^

Auction Business License #AB-0000303 m M I


Circle 325 on Reader Service Card

Podded Propulsion constructed by Litton Ingalls Shipbuild- ing for American Classic Voyages Co. (AMCV). The propulsor choice is all the more significant for the fact that the new- builds are the first large, ocean-going passenger ships to be laid down in the

U.S. for 40 years.

Swedish tanker operator Donsotank has re-affirmed its belief in podded elec- tric drive technology by nominating a

Siemens-Schottel Propulsor (SSP) sys- tem for a further chemical products carri- er to be built in China.

The latest diesel-electric newbuilding will be a near-sister of the 18.000-dwt

Prospero, commissioned from Shanghai

Edward Shipyard last September. Pros- pero provided the all-German SSP con- cept with its first seagoing reference, by way of a 360-degree rotating pod incor- porating a 5.1 -MW electric motor.

Ease of fitting, a factor salient to its adoption for a project in China, was one of the characteristics of the integral drive system, which favored its selection for the new tanker. The SSP's modular design and. unlike other podded drives, its avoidance of complicated air cooling arrangements, makes for relatively straightforward installation. The SSP solution differs from other podded propulsion options by way of the use of tractor and pusher propellers at each end of the pod unit. It is also distinguished by the adoption of a permanent magnet, lon- gitudinal-flow motor. Each end of the armature is direct-coupled to a propeller, such that the two propellers rotate in the same direction. Donsotank's second-of- class from the partially German-owned

Shanghai Edward establishment is




REPAIR • Bottom damage repairs • Rudder and propeller repairs • Engine damage repairs • Class work of all types • Dockings for all purposes • Conservation work

CONVERSIONS • Lengthening and shortening of vessels • Reengining of ships and conversion of bulk- carriers into self-unloaders • Ro-Ro cargo ferries were converted into

Ro-Ro passenger ferries • Many other offshore units were prepared for specific deployment roles or upgraded in order to meet the latest technical standards • Dock facilities up to 351 m length, 59,20 m breadth

GALAXY - extensive propeller repairs within S days at Blohm + Voss Repair. luws nt yw dosHsil

BRAEMAR - four-week conversion at Blohm + Voss Repair.

P.O.Box: 10 05 26 D-20004 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (40) 31 19-8000 • Fax: +49(40)31 19-33 05 e-mail:

Circle 211 on Reader Service Card scheduled for handover at the beginning of 2002.

TT-Line of Germany has provided an opening reference for podded electric drives in the ferry market, a project which has drawn considerable media attention for the ship handover delays attributable to problems encountered with the SSP pod system on sea trials. At the time of writing, with the 34,500-gt

Nils Holgersson being readied at Bre- merhaven for a delayed commissioning in July, the precise nature and cause of problems had still to be made known.

However, the concept holds good, based as it is on solid operational and econom- ic factors.

The exacting level of maneuverability needed for the new ships, the savings in fuel associated with more efficient maneuvering, along with weight, space, and propulsive efficiency factors favored the selection of azimuthing pods in pref- erence to a more standard diesel-electric layout based on internal propulsion motors driving fixed-pitch propellers.

The nature of the SSP system, whereby machine cooling is effected principally by direct seawater contact with the pod body, so dispensing with the need for special cooling equipment and space pro- vision, is regarded as a plus factor in

RoRo ferry design.

Using 11-MW SSP 10 pods, the system has been incorporated into its new class of RoPax ferries within the limited height constraints imposed by the aft-end configuration of such vessels, and the need to ensure unobstructed access from the stern ramp into the main garage deck.

With the sales tally growing for the competing Azipod, Mermaid and

Siemens-Schottel Propulsor (SSP) design series, STN Atlas Marine Elec- tronics and John Crane-Lips have demonstrated the market's receptivity to a further propulsion option by landing an opening deal for the jointly developed

Dolphin pod system.

Radisson Seven Seas' 50,000-gt new- building Seven Seas Voyager, will pro- vide the debut contract for the Dolphin series, in the form of two 7,000-kW pods. The units figure in a considerably broader powering and drive package to be supplied by STN Atlas and John

Crane-Lips to Genoese yard of build


The co-developers claim that a typical

Dolphin installation can result in power savings of 5-10 percent relative to con- ventional propulsive drive arrangements based on fp propellers. The pulling action of the podded propulsor makes for an improved axial water flow towards the propeller compared with a traditional twin-screw, inboard-drive arrangement.

As well as reduced propulsive energy requirements at a given ship speed, the podded option is said to result in improved cavitation characteristics with low excitations, and a low noise level. 1995 Moody Bros 13 Ft 9 In. x 25 Ft 6 In.

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