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Vessel of the Month

The arrangement grants the hospital, medical and rescue assistance areas a full independence and insulation from the rest of the vessel. Insulation, includ- ing an extremely low level of noise and vibrations, actually was required not just for comfort, but for meeting surgical and medical specifications.

While onboard safety remains a top priority, Izar also took into consideration the vessel's comfort, which is ensured by a pair of folding fin stabilizers. All the latest regulations for passenger ferries are met, including an ability to survive 500 mm water on the main deck.

A fully redundant propulsion plant comprises two independent engine rooms, with one engine in each, to drive twin retractable azimuthing propellers, and a large auxiliary engine supplies enough output for emergency propul- sion. The system, combined with a pair of flap rudders, guarantees improved maneuverability and steering, and reduced noise and vibration, even at very low speed.

With an operational range of 7,000 miles, the vessel has a service speed of 16.9 knots; a trial speed of 17.2 knots at 90 percent of the maximum engine rat- ing has been programmed.

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Main Particulars

Length, o.a 319 ft. (97.3 m)

Length, b.p 279 ft.(85 m)

Breadth, (molded) 58 ft. (17.7 m)

Depth, molded, to main deck (7.7 m)

Deadweight, design .... 1,400 dwt

Draught, design 14 ft. (4.3 m)

Scantling 18 ft. (5.5 m)

Speed, trial at 90 percent MC'R 17.3 knots

Speed, service at 80 percent MCR 16.9 knots

Cruise range 7,000 n.m.

Classification Lloyd's Register

Stabilization equipment .Fin stabilizers and bell tank

Main engines 2x four-stroke diesel engines

Output .. .2 x 2,700kW/750 rpm

Auxiliary engines .. .3 x 500kW/l,500 rpm

Emergency genset ...1 x 500k W/1,500 rpm

Two reduction gears .... 750/219

Propellers 2 fpp

Boilers 1 x 1,000kg/h; 2 x 500kg/h

Mooring equipment .... .. .2 x mooring windlass

Accommodation 96

Patients 17

Rescued people 30

Crew 41

Apprentices 8

Hospital section

Facilities: First aid room, Operating theater, Sterility room, X-ray room. Lab, Intensive care unit, Morgue

Cargo section .950 cu. m (6TEU in hold, 3TEU on deck)

Cargo crane SWL 10t/12-8m

Special rudders 2 x flap type

Thrusters 1 x 350 kW

Tow equipment One towing hook

SWL 15 tons

Life-saving equipment .2 x semi-close life-boat; 2 x semi-rigid rescue-boat; 1 x main salvage-boat

Three special davits for fast rescue boat launching according to

MSC/circular 809

Norwegian Dawn's Keel Laid

At Meyer Werft

The first of 67 blocks of the new 92,000-gt cruise vessel. Norwegian

Dawn, was lifted into place on Septem- ber 1 at Meyer Werft's new covered building dock in Papenburg, Germany.

The block, which measures 66 x 106 x 26 ft. (20 x 32.2 x 8 m), and weighs approximately 500 tons, was lowered via the yard's 800-ton crane.

Norwegian Dawn will have an overall length of 965 ft. (294.1 m), a breadth of 106 ft. (32.2 m) and will move at a speed of more than 25 knots.

Power (58,800 kW) will be generated by a diesel-electric system; the vessel will be driven by two 20 MW azipods.

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