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Ship Evac Simulation Software Shows Promise

Safe, fast and efficient vessel evacua- tion has long been a top concern of the marine industry, a fervor sure to be renewed with vigor in the wake of last month's terrorist activities in the U.S. and heightened securities being formu- lated for all transportation industries.

New research being carried out by

British Maritime Technology (BMT) and the University of Greenwich could give ship designers and owners vital new information on how humans react

In 1940, a young ship's engineer started a company dedicated to reducing costly downtime on diesel engines... 60 YEARS LATER, GOLTENS IS



In 1940, Sigurd Golten took his last $200 and purchased a second-hand lathe. This was the start of Goltens, a company that, for six decades, has been an innovative leader in developing methods for fast, efficient, diesel engine repair.

Today, Goltens provides marine and industrial diesel engine service, around the world, 24 hours a dry dock, in port, at sea or in our own worldwide facilities. Our full range of repair and maintenance services include: engine overhaul; crankshaft grinding (in place and in our shop); centrifugal re-babbitting of any size bearing; reconditioning of fuel injection equipment. be proud of us! pistons, piston skirts, cylinder heads, exhaust valves, seats and turbochargers; plus steel and pipe renewal and repair.

Goltens is also a licensed and authorized repair shop for various top manufacturers of diesel engines so we are able to promptly provide you with the services and parts you need, anywhere in the world.

So when you need to get your diesel engine going, or you want to keep it going, contact

Goltens. We've got 60 years of experience and dedication behind us. Sigurd definitely would


New York

Goltens New York Corp. • 160 Van Brunt Street. Brooklyn. NY 11231 • Tel: (718) 855-7200

Fax: (718) 802-1147 • E-Mail: • Web Site:

Worldwide Locations: New York • Florida • California • Norway • Holland • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Singapore • China • United Arab Emirates

Circle 258 on Reader Service Card or visit when evacuating from ships. The hope is that this unique study will help to pre- vent future shipping disasters, helping to save thousands of lives.

Transport Canada commissioned

BMT's affiliate, Fleet Technology to develop a ship evacuation simulation program. To collect and record data on how people behave when evacuating from a ship, they designed and con- structed a purpose built experimental facility. The facility has been named

SHEBA (Ship Evacuation Behavior

Assessment) and the first tests began last month at Fleet Technology's Kanata laboratories, using hundreds of volun- teers of different ages and backgrounds. "This facility is the first of its kind large enough to measure group move- ment, enabling us to collect quality data.

For example, the passageway is long enough to allow faster people in a group to overtake, and to permit us to study behavior of two groups heading in oppo- site directions," said Ian Glen, president of Fleet Technology Ltd and SHEBA project director.

SHEBA is being used to measure the mobility of people moving in a typical ship's passageway and up and down stairs at angles up to 22 degrees.

Sophisticated modeling techniques will combine the observed studies of human performance and behavior with ship lay- 42 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

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