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NASSCO Wins $708M

T-AKE Contract

On October 18, 2001, the Naval Sea

Systems Command (NAVSEA) awarded of a $406.9 million contract for the detailed design and construction of the lead ship of the T-AKE Auxiliary Cargo and Ammunition Class to National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) of San Diego, CA. With the excercising of a contract option of $301.6 million for the follow ship, the cumulative deal is more than $708 million for NASSCO.

Major subcontractors are IMECO of

Iron Mountain, MI; Hopeman Brothers

Marine Interiors of Waynesboro, VA;

Alstom Power Conversion Inc. of

Philadelphia, PA; B.F. Goodrich, Fair- banks Morse Engine Division of Beloit,

WI; Point Eight Power Inc. of Belle

Chasse, La.; Lake Shore Inc. of Kings- ford, Mich.; Performance Contracting

Inc. of San Diego, Calif.; John Crane-

LIPS of Scarborough, Maine; and

SIPCO of Willis, Texas.

The T-AKE Class was designated the "Lewis and Clark" to honor the two explorers who led a visionary project that was to become one of American history's greatest adventure stories. The first ship will be Lewis and Clark (T-

AKE 1) and the second ship will be

Sacagawea (T-AKE 2).

The ships are designed to provide a two-product shuttle ship replacement for the aging Combat Store (AFS) and

Ammunition (AE) shuttle tleet ships.

The vessels will be built almost entirely to commercial ship standards, manned by Government civilian mariners, and operated by the Military Sealift Com- mand. The ships will have the capacity to handle ammunition and combat stores-including dry, frozen and chilled products, spare parts and consumables.

Designed to operate independently for extended periods at sea while providing replenishment services to U.S. and

NATO ships, the Lewis and Clark class ships will directly contribute to the abil- ity of the Navy to maintain a forward presence. These ships will provide logistic lift from sources of supply either in port or at sea from specially equipped merchant ships. They will transfer this cargo (ammunition; food; limited quantities of fuel; repair parts; ship store items and expendable sup- plies and material) to station ships and other naval warfare forces at sea. As a secondary mission, these ships may be required to operate in concert with a T-

AO class ship as a substitute station ship to provide direct logistics support to the ships within a battle group. The T-AO class ship, which carries liquid cargo, and the T-AKE class ship, which carries dry cargo, when operating together in lieu of a station ship, will provide the battle group with products equivalent to an AOE 1/6 class (fast combat support ship).

The lead ship and first follow ship are scheduled for delivery in March 2005 and September 2005. The contract includes options for up to 12 ships.

Manitowoc Tapped To Build

USCG Icebreaker

The Manitowoc Company, Inc. also said that the United States Coast Guard has awarded Manitowoc Marine Group an $82.4-million contract to build a new

Great Lakes ice breaker. The new vessel will measure approximately 240 x 60 ft. (73.1 x 18.2 m), and will displace 3,500 long tons. In addition to breaking ice to keep shipping lanes open on the Great

Lakes, the multi-mission vessel will ser- vice aids to navigation, as well as per-

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