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B5BB5 oring & Control predictive maintenance package. By incorporating predictive maintenance into their system. Techsol will be able to expand MAX's capabilities, enabling it to automatically inform the operator when preventive and regularly sched- uled maintenance should be performed.

Not only will the new system elimi- nate false alarms, it will help prevent true alarms from happening with pre- ventive maintenance. Now that's keep- ing a ship afloat.

Circle 11 on Reader Service Card pilot maneuvers the boat, input from the joystick automatically disables the fuel tank low-level alarm, so sloshes will not cause alarms.

According to Messiaen. U.S. Navy representatives recently experienced a trial run and demonstration of a tugboat equipped with MAX. and were impressed when the system did not give any false alarms. Civilian watercraft makers are also impressed with MAX. as well as makers of luxury yachts and large offshore tugs. Techsol is also working with a U.S. engine maker to specify MAX as the standard control system for their engines.

Techsol installs MAX in new con- struction as well as retrofits, and the team has found that the system merges easily with existing equipment. So easi- ly. in fact, that Techsol retrofitted a con- trol system on a 400-car ferry over a five-week period without ever having to take the vessel out of service. "When we do retrofits, we try to save what we can," Messiaen says. "We use

MAX with the existing equipment, espe- cially sensors, and the modules from GE

Fanuc are wonderful at integrating with the on-board architecture."

In the future. Techsol looks to inte- grate the CIMPLICITY software with a

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