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Monitoring & Control

M3000 has a special feature that pro- vides exhaust gas monitoring for com- bustion engines. The exhaust tempera- ture on each cylinder is compared with the average temperature of the remain- ing cylinders.

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Navi-Sailor Consoles


Transas Marine has switched to a new- generation. modern design of hardware for its Navi-Sailor range of navigation systems, new hardware which is avail- able as full-size pedestal mount and desktop consoles. Designed to support the new software technology used in the

Transas Navi-Sailor line, the hardware set comprises a console and built-in RS- 3 marine computer, which will be applicable as the standard Marine Pro- cessing Unit (MPU) for the entire range of the company's navigation products.

The desktop version is designed as a solution for small craft or a retrofit.

When bridge space is limited, the con- sole can be located on the chart table, while the RS-3, as a separate module, can be positioned anywhere else. Anoth- er advantage of the new consoles is that they are pre-cabled and delivered as "plug and play" solutions allowing easy installation onboard the ship. The con- soles are in Transas standard black and dark-gray colors, although other colors are also available upon request.

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NorControl Gives River Forth

Advanced VTS

Forth Ports, PLC, the U.K.'s second largest port handler, commissioned a

Vessel Tracking System (VTS) from

Norcontrol IT in 1998 to replace equip- ment installed in 1984. The system uses four radars to track all commercial ves- sels within the Firth of Forth but it need- ed the back up of a sophisticated Voyage

Management Database to record all associated information such as voyage times, anchorage usage, pilot & tug usage, cargo status etc. Following a requirements specification process with

Norcontrol IT a completely new Voyage

Management Database was designed and installed. "Norcontrol IT have developed this latest product after extensive consulta- tion with Forth Ports, an interactive approach which will now be a key part of the Voyage Management Database development with other customers," said 0yvind Taugl, Manager of

Research and Development in Norcon- trol IT. "It will also ensure future cus- tomers benefit from a solid base product while being assured that their specific needs are incorporated into the delivered application."

The Voyage Management Database is a web-based application designed to be intuitive to use and enable rapid pro- cessing of information. The application manages static and dynamic data and a

Data Administrator can track and man- age a wide range of information about system users, local pilots, tugs, ports, ships and cargoes etc.

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More heat exchange solutions.

One heat exchange leader. Duramax8 Marine. istlsss /

NRF Box Cooler ^ Alternative to plate, and shell and tube heat exchangers ^ Protected within the ship's hull against damage • Leakage can be stopped without dry docking

DuraCooler" • Streamlined head for improved internal/external flow ^ Lower pressure drop across keel cooler • Compact footprint with increased cooling surface area 1

Johnson Demountable

Keel Cooler ^ No through hull fittings t Replaceable parts • Cool multiple circuits with one cooler *. 1 ««, .J reiMkriiit Systems

Every heat exchange application is unique.

Different vessels, operating conditions, engines and equipment all require specialized cooling solutions. We recognize that one heat exchange product can't fit all applications. That's why Duramax"

Marine continues to expand its line of heat exchange products.

Each heat exchange solution Duramax"

Marine provides is unique in design and performance. With more than 30 years experience in heat transfer and a full-scale testing program, we understand the differences that will help you select the DuraCooler" sized for your application. We back that selection with our exclusive Guarantee of Thermal Efficiency.

In addition to our heat exchange products,

Duramax" Marine provides a host of other quality, value-added, engineered marine solutions, including water-lubricated bearings, shaft sealing systems and marine tendering systems.

Contact Duramax" Marine—your leader in total marine solutions-for all your heat exchange needs. For a free consultation, please call us today at 440.834.5400 or visit

Shaft Seal System vC i


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