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Marine Turbo1 & Diesel, inc.

Service Far Marine & Industrial Power Stations ...FOR DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" loan 7th Street

Richmond, CA 34B01 U.S.A.

Phone: 510-B3G-35E5

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Now more than ever, Skookum signifies value in today's cost- conscious world. Our comprehensive block, (airlead, sheave and alloy forging lines have met the challenges of the most demanding applications around the world. And in the process, we've proudly taken part in the shaping of

American history; from salvage operations at Pearl Harbor and construction of the Grand Coulee Dam lo

San Francisco's BART and the space shuttle.


Whatever your applications, we're committed to serving you with the finest in standard and custom engineered products.

For further information contact your nearest dealer or call us direct:


PO Box 280, Hubbard. Oregon 97032

Telephone 503/651-3175 1 -800/547-8211 FAX 503/651 -3409 4 Blocks & Rigging t\' / vv \ ( i)\ir\.\)

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UJe're not just blowing bubbles!

ElectroWaveUSA is taking semi submersible

Ballast Control to a new level...

Simply the most complete

Tank Level Indicating system available today-

Meet the LevelCom 100

Imagine! A one size fits all tank level indicator that monitors depth, volume, weight and specific gravity of virtually any liquid! And it does it all without special sensors.

No sensor in the tank!

No expensive or fragile pressure transmitter or sensor in the tank.

No more need to empty and gas free a tank to repair or calibrate a tank level indicator!

Packed with features! • Equipped to communicate to a remote display or computer • Automatic sense line leak and plug detection • No custom scales required • Automatic self calibration • Programmable alarm and control setpoints • 10 point depth/volume/weight "Tank Table" accurately tracks the shape of the tank 4-20mA input and output options add to the versatility of the

LevelCom 100

Manufactured in the

USA by:

TMS, Inc.

Phone: 1-503-285-8947

Fax: 1-503-285-1379 [email protected]

For information contact our offshore industry representative:


Phone: 1-713-896-7799

Fax: 1-713-896-7722 systems @

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Available in 12,16,20,25 & 35 person capacities

Automatically self-righting liferafts in 25 & 37/39 person capacities 1625 N Miami Avertue • Miami FL 33136 Tel (305) 374-5115 • Fax (305) 374-1535 • e-mail: us®

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