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While Installed in Engine

Underwater Bonding Seals the Deal

Miami Diver has led the devel-



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Diver/technician inside habitat after de-watering. opment of a unique universal steel habitat to efficiently carry out underwater repairs on almost any ship.

In July 1999. a leading cruise ship operator approached

Miami Diver Inc. with a dam- aged lip type stern seal on one of its vessels. The 73,912-gt ship was reporting sea water ingress from the starboard side shaft seal, and the cruise opera- tor was looking for options to prevent an untimely and expen- sive unscheduled dry-docking.

This was a unique situation in the underwater bonding of a lip- type shaft seal had reportedly never been accomplished before. Miami Diver immedi- ately responded and called upon the network companies based in

Vancouver, B.C. Canada and

Europe and its subsidiary com- panies to collectively come up with a feasible option for replacement of the seal under- water. The biggest challenge in the project was that the cruise ship operator required the repairs to be accomplished without interrupting the vessel's sailing schedule.

The joint efforts resulted in the design and fabrication of a dry habitat to be installed around the starboard shaft to facilitate the replacement and bonding of damaged sealing rings in the dry. The habitat was fabricated from steel in house and was tested for fit up during the vessels port calls in Miami, Fla. On August 2, 1999, Miami

Diver in conjunction with the seal manufacturer installed the habitat and suc- cessfully replaced and bonded the damaged sealing rings; all work was com- pleted and requested by the ship operator, without interrupting the vessel's schedule.

A second opportunity presented itself in September 2000 as another cruise vessel developed a problem with the pod drive. The 137,276-gt vessel present- ed a new challenge in that it was fitted with pod propulsion system. Again

Miami Diver and its network companies joined forces to design and fabricate a steel habitat for the replacement of the damaged lip-type seal. On November 5, 2000 the habitat was installed and all four lip seals were successfully replaced and bonded in the habitat. The repairs were completed with no interruption of the vessel's schedule.

A diver inspects a seal.

Perfect Fit

The benefit to the shipping industry for underwater repairs of this nature was evident. However, the use of a steel habitat did not seem to be a feasible option for the majority of ship owners due to the lead time and expenses required to fabricate a custom habitat for each vessel. The prompted Miami Diver and its network companies to move into research and development of a new universal system capable of fitting the majority of large vessels and portable enough to be mobilized world-wide on narrow body aircraft.

Miami Diver also began to pursue a relationship with B+V Industrietechnik to support the new project and develop strong ties with the leading seal manufac- turer. Due to the two previously successful jobs with

B+V Industrietechnik, the relationship developed rapidly and Miami Diver signed a service agreement in December 2000 to become an authorized under- water seal repair facility for B+V Industrietechnik.

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