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Oceanographic Research Vessels.

What's Next?

E Paint Company, with support from the National Science Foundation, has developed several new materials to improve the efficiency of peroxide pro- duction. One of these materials, a pro- prietary porphyrin, is similar to chloro- phyll used by plants for photosynthesis.

Improvements in the coatings formula allow for longer life and a smoother sur- face. Another promising new product under development is a waterborne bar- rier coat paint characterized by ease of application and excellent protection of the substrate. The future is in water- borne coatings. They will replace the high VOC solventborne barrier coats, primers and antifouling paints. Current water-based coatings have been plagued with difficulties ranging from adhesive failure to cracking.

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E-Paint Co.'s SN-1 antifouling paint has con- trolled biofouling organisms on many alu- minum-hulled vessels of the USCG. marine paint antifouling agent, Rohm and Haas was the recipient of the first

United States Presidential Green Chem- istry Challenge Award in the category of

Designing Safer Chemical Products.

E Paint SN-1 coating was formulated specifically for the USCG to be environ- mentally compliant without sacrificing effectiveness. Exhibiting low VOC con- tent, positive effectiveness and environ- mental effectiveness has led to E Paint

SN-1 to becoming the only US EPA- approved, biocide-containing paint authorized for use on all aluminum- hulled US Coast Guard vessels. "Especially designed for use in rough weather, the Coast Guard's motorized lifeboats are precisely balanced to right themselves if capsized. If the buildup of fouling organisms is not controlled, it can adversely impact the balance, and thus, the self-righting properties of these boats, a definite safety hazard," said


Other agencies, such as the Woods

Hole Oceanographic Institution, Chan- nel Island National Park Service, U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers and National

Oceanographic Atmospheric Adminis- tration to not only use E Paint SN-1 on their aluminum vessels, but also on buoys and underwater equipment exposed to biofouling. In gaining Coast

Guard business, E Paint SN-1 paint sup- planted coatings made with tributyl tin oxide. E Paint SN-1 antifouling coatings are currently EPA-registered for use by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S.

Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engi- neers, U.S. EPA Research Vessels.

National Park Service Vessels and

Simulation applied to ...

LNG Ports and Ships

Since the early days of LNG transport MarineSafety International (MSI) has been a leader in providing simulator-based Port Studies and Training for Officers and Pilots handling LNG carriers. We have used the power of simulation to assist in planning new LNG port facilities, conducting maneuvering trials, and establishing safety margins for a number of projects in the Atlantic Basin and Far East.

MSI has worked with major operators such,as Energy Transport, EcoElectrica, Cabot

LNG, Pertamina, and Atlantic LNG to reduce risks in handling LNG ships in pilotage and coastal waters. Using precise ship response models and detailed geographic- bathymetric databases, we simulate the handling of LNG carriers in restricted waterways and docking operations around terminals. The same ship and port models developed for these purposes can also be used to provide training for local Pilots and to familiarize ships**officefS with new vessels or ports. ; - •» - * iflKLA jKf

MarineSafety has an existing library of ship types and sizes that can help reduce your * study's costs. We can prepare geographic databases and operational test plans within weeks. Let MSI help you approach planning, channel and dock configurations, admission policies, ship movements, and operational safety procedures.

To discuss your project call Captain Vic Goldberg at (800) 877-5343

Newport, Rl (800) 341-1353

Norfolk, VA (757) 423-2320 Marines

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BUILDERS, JOINERS, AND CABINET MAKERS LOOK TO THERMAX FOR: • NON-COMBUSTIBLE marine construction boards meeting requirements of SOLAS and IMO resolutions • Marine fire rated construction boards for bulkheads, joiner panels, walls, double shell, and ceiling • Marine Regulatory Body Certification (USCG/UL, Canadian Coast Guard. UK DOT, Lloyds, DNV, etc.) • Excellent core material for marine furniture fabrication • Environmentally friendly construction material (no fibers, no formaldehydes, nontoxic) • Technical Support • Inventory in the USA ready for immediate shipment • Laminating services available • Metal profiles for bulkhead systems upon request • Design, production, and sales of marine products according to requirements of EN DIN ISO 9001:1994


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