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IMAGINE A MEETING where the monuments outside the windows inspire milestones within.

Where both the service and the technology make for spectacularly enlightening moments.

And flexible meeting rooms host international galas for 500 or intimate gatherings for five with equal ease. Can you imagine it? WE DID.



WASHINGTON, D.C. • Ten flexible function rooms, including a glass-enclosed solarium, totaling over 21,000 square feet • Expert, on-site catering • 370 spacious guestrooms and suites with views • Directly above the METRO station with connections to all lines • Most convenient downtown hotel to Reagan National Airport

Call 202-484-1000, and ask for the Loews Meeting Advantage

Wartsila Buys Engine Reconditioning Business

Wartsila acquired the engine reconditioning business from Metalock (Singapore) Ltd. for about $5.4 million. The acquisition will consist of the marine engine repair and recondition business and the workshop, a business that generates a cumulative sales volume of about $8.8 million. "This acquisition will further strengthen Wartsila as a total service provider. We have an opportunity to increase our market share especially in the low speed engines", said

Tage Blomberg, group vice president and head of the Service Division. With its work- shop located in Singapore, the focus of the acquired business, which will be named

Ciserv is on marine engine reconditioning.

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Dynamometers Provide Precise Torque Loading

Magtrol's Hysteresis (HD) Brake Dynamometers are versatile and ideal for testing in low to medium power ranges (max. 14kW intermittent duty). With a hysteresis brak- ing system, the dynamometers do not require speed to create torque, and therefore can provide a full motor ramp from free-run to locked rotor. Brake cooling is provided by convection (no external source), compressed air or dedicated blower, depending on the model. Other features of the HD dynamometer include ±0.25 to ±0.5 percent full-scale accuracy ratings; high repeatability; ease of operation; standard English, metric and SI torque measurement options; easy calibration and an optional encoder switch. They can be used for manual testing or easily converted into a PC-based system when com- bined with Magtrol's DSP6001 High Speed Programmable Controller and M-TEST 4.0

Software. Custom designs are available for special torque and speed requirements.

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Murine Maneuvering amI Propulsion Systems

PATENTED SYSTEM . Kinetic Converter takes | input shaft energy and jT^ B7»] produces usable hydraulic J / energy by the use of a "m ' mixed flow impeller. v ' lECI-niCAL 3EADOUC

Mixed-Flow Impeljer . Steering Vanes continu- ously meter or proportion 1 a percentage of the fluid flow to one or both sides of the vessel. r I L_L • Nozzles accelerate the mass of water creating a thrust force at the hull interface, j . Tljnist Directors (optional) deflect the water flow — forward or aft producing slow speed auxiliary propulsion. ,__J__L__|_ . Electronic Control System controls the 360° thrust vector resultant from a i fixed or variable speed prime mover rotating continuously in one direction. . There are no rotating parts that have to be stopped or started as thrust direction and/or magnitude changes. , »f#~ fi «r . • * X f ' 9 Jt * i JL t nmi • i

Uv^: ' y fx* - - * ' > > 1 I f « •Z bcTiEb mmm 30SS5 Solon Industrial Parkway • Cleveland, 01144139 440 542-9200

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MSC is an equal opportunity employer and drug-free workplace. can and



Command "Taking hold of my life means finding challenging work with great pay and benefits. It also means taking time for travel and adventure. At Military Sealift Command you'll find all of these things and more. You'll travel to Europe, Asia,

Australia and the Caribbean while earning excellent pay.

Your seagoing skills will help to supply our military men and women around the world."

Learn new skills and advance quickly in our growing organization. Your professionalism and readiness for challenge will be rewarded. You'll get top pay and excellent leave, health and retirement benefits. You'll experience the highest quality of life aboard ship, including excellent accommodations, great food, and amazing ports of call

If you have experience in deck, engineering, medical, sup- ply, food service, communications, electronics, or are a search and rescue swimmer, or underway replenishment specialist,

MSC can put your professional skills to work immediately.

Get a life Call 1-877-292-7709 today. "Now I

I have a job say a life...

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