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NACE International is a professional tech- nical society dedicat- ed to reducing the economic impact of corrosion, promot- ing public safety, and protecting the envi- ronment by advanc- ing the knowledge of corrosion engineering and science.

Established in 1943, NACE has more than 16,000 members worldwide and offers techni- cal training and certification programs, spon- sors conferences, and produces industry stan- dards and reports, publications, and software.

Circle No. 101

The WWW* 8«t Non-skid

Tuff Coat

Tuff Coat

Marine is a state-of-the-art, single pack, acrylic/ u re- thane copoly- mer, with incredible adhesion, strength, elas- ticity and durability. It is water based, has no

VOCs is non-flammable, solvent free, chemi- cal resistant and UV stable. The product can be applied to aluminum fiberglass, steel, wood and concrete.

Circle No. 102 2SF

USF Surface Preparation Group

USF Surface


Croup W^MI^^&MKML^^MWKtli (USFSPG) was formed from the merger of more than 20 of the world's best-known and brand names in the surface preparation industry. USFSPG's brands give the compa- ny more than 600 years of combined experi- ence in surface preparation techniques, including stationary and portable wheelblast, airblast, painting, mass finishing, and many other technologies.

Circle No. 103

BP Shipcare

BP Shipcare, a whol- ly owned subsidiary of BP Shipping

Limited, has devel- oped a lay-up speci- fication which can be applied to plant and equipment afloat. The system has been successfully adapted for rigs, gas carriers, tankers and many other types of ship.

The company also provides complete preser- vation, including regular maintenance carried out by trained marine and engineering staff.

Circle No. 104




Swirl-Off is a tool that can remove paint, rust, scale and other hard coatings from almost any hard surface. Features for this tool include: built-in safety guard, balanced design for easy operation, operates underwater, environmen- tally safe, fits 5/8 in. - 11 shaft, no lubrica- tion or maintenance required, drive adaptors for 3/8 in. or .5 in. drill chuck available and cutters for all models are interchangeable and self-cleaning

Circle No. 105


USFilter has released a four- page, brochure describing the company's

CAPAC corro- sion protection systems for fixed «.«>.* structures. The brochure provides a general overview of the

CAPAC system, describing its history, benefits and uses. The brochure contains a desciption of different fixed-structure application where

CAPAC systems can be beneficial: vessels; off- shore production and drilling platforms; jet- ties and piles; and power plants.

Circle No. 106 fas. Coatings

U.S. Coatings has formulated two new high temperature silicone coat- ings specifical- ly for use where elevated temperatures may provide corrosion difficulty. The

HeatGrip 4200 is a high temperature silicone coating custom formulated to withstand tem- peratures up to 1,200 degrees. The HeatGrip 4750 is an intermediate temperature silicone coating formulated to withstand temperature up to 750 degrees.

Circle No. 107

Turtleskin WaterArmor

TutleSkin WaterArmor by Warwick

TurtleSkin WaterArmor is one-size-fits-all, adjustable safety apparel and is specifically designed for UHP waterjet opera- tors. It's flexible, lightweight patented system helps prevent ^ injuries from waterjetting, with specified results at all water pressures up to 40,000 PSI.

Circle No. 108




Finishing Products,

Inc. manufactures

Micro-Mesh, a cushioned abrasive cloth, liquids, and related products.

The Micro-Mesh

Kits are designed for the removal of scratches from acrylic and plastic surfaces. Ail of the kits contain Micro-Mesh cushioned abrasive, one or both of the polishing liquids, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Circle No. 109


NTI's Corrosion


Division, Zerust relies on propri- etary technology and many years of accumulated applications expe- rience in cathodic protection sys- tems, thermal spray applica- tions, and volatile corrosion inhibiting pack- aging solutions to resolve corrosion problems while increasing profitability by reducing operating costs.

Circle No. 110



A new 88-page, four-color catalog of

Industrial MRO paints, coatings, lubricants, electrical cleaners/degreasers, safety solvents, caulks, sealants, applicators and spe- cialty chemicals has been published by

Diversified Brands, a Sherwin-Williams busi- ness unit. The catalog features Krylon

Industrial paints, including Rust Tough and

Tough Coat acrylic enamel; industrial mainte- nance and general purpose paints.

Circle No. Ill


Model No. 40201D •e Liquid Jetting System


There's a simple solution to virtu- ally every prod- uct removal chal- lenge you face: high-pressure water jetting from NLB Corp.

With NLB water jets (1,000 to 40,000 psi, or 70 to 2,800 bar) you can quickly remove built-up residue or clear hopelessly-clogged tubes and screens. Water jets cut quickly and cleanly through a wide range of materials, without any blades to be sharpened or sanitized.

Circle No. 112 •tsua ,.„„ ' Thermax

Thermax, non- combustible, non-toxic, marine construction boards are used worldwide for joiner bulk heads, panels, liners, ceilings, door and furniture cores.

Thermax has all major regulatory body certificates (USCG,

Canada, DNV et al) and meets the require- ments of IMO/SOLAS resolutions. Thermax is sold, distributed, warehoused laminated and cut to size in North America by PSI.

Circle No. 113 i



Model 26MG is a pocket-size ultra- sonic thickness gauge that can combine simple operation, low cost, and great perfor- mance. Despite its small size, the 26MG has a variety of practical measurement features that makes it an ideal inspection tool: Automatic Probe

Recognition, Fast Min Mode to hold the thinnest reading in the Fast Scan Rate, Freeze

Mode, and High Temperature capabilities.

Circle No. 114


The Sentry from

Martek Marine

Ltd., is a cargo tank pressure monitoring sys- tem designed in compliance with

IMO Regulation 59, providing early warning of under/over pressurization in tankships.

MMS200 intrinsically safe 316SS absolute pressure transducers installed on deck and protected in Martek's unique 'top hat' arrangement, monitors tank.

Circle No. 115

Chugoku Marine

Paint (CMP)

CMP manufactures synthetic resin paints for marine vessels.

The Nova 5000

Barrier is designed especially for ballast water tanks. The bar- rier is designed to be easily applied at a highfilm thickness and then prevents water penetration, and corro- sion is halted. The new Umeguard Super-H, a highly abrasive cargo holding coating, is designed to extend the period between major grit blasting of cargo hold up to 50 percent.

Circle No. 116

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