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Satellite Communications

KVH Offers TracPhone F77

The KVH Tracphone F77 marine satellite com- munication system makes reliable communica- tion, with the ability to receive up-to-the-minute information critical to vessel safety, operation, and business, a reality.

Brought to market in cooperation with Thrane & Thrane, the leading designer and manufacturer of Inmarsat equipment, the KVH Tracphone F77 offers a fully stabilized antenna with a transceiv- er that can serve as the hub of your shipboard communications network. Tracphone F77 uses

Inmarsat's new, global Fleet F77 service, a break- through in maritime communications.

Fleet F77 provides both the high quality and speed of a 64 Kbps mobile Integrated Services

Digital Network (ISDN) service and the flexibil- ity and "always on-line" capability of the

Inmarsat Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS).

Captains, crews, fleet managers, and vessel own- ers can now have unparalleled real-time access to the information they need: e-mail, the Internet, corporate Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Tracphone F77 offers the unmatched versatility and reliability you need to stay safe and stay in touch, almost anywhere on earth.

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Thrane & Thrane Selling Capsat

Fleet77 Systems Briskly

Since the introduction of Inmarsat Fleet F77,

Thrane & Thrane has shipped more than 100

Capsat Fleet77 systems to distributors and ship owners worldwide. Several interesting installa- tions have been carried out on merchant ships, fishing boats, coast guard vessels and super yachts all over the world. "We place great emphasis on the training of our business partners since this provides the opportu- nity to multiply the efforts on providing informa- tion to the ship owners world-wide. It also gives us the assurance that the ability to service and support the Capsat Fleet77 terminals is available world-wide", says Kim Bille Gram, Maritime

Sales Manager, Thrane & Thrane.

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Telaurus Delivers Family of

Communication Solutions

Telaurus Communications LLC brings to the market the se@COMM application family of communications software and the Telaurus Glob- al Network. Telaurus claims to offer a "thinking" network that combines the best of multiple com- munication paths, including the Inmarsat system, into one single maritime network that is transpar- ent to the user. "At Telaurus, we believe in providing everyone in the maritime industry, from the captain to the crew, the same communications reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness whether at sea or on land," said Christopher Oldham, CEO of Telau- rus Communications. Focused on the needs of both ship owners, ship management companies and their crews, Telaurus offers private and reli- able off-the-bridge communications as well as convenient billing and file transfer capabilities.

The company says that se@COMM took over two years to develop and then underwent four months of sea trials before being released.

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Worldlink Delivers Secure

Serverless Communications

Worldlink Services has launched a secure, serverless data exchange communications service for the marine industry. "Worldlink prides itself on providing maritime customers with premium communications solu- tions at affordable prices and Quick Corn's cut- ting edge platform is perfect for our market," said

George Kyrlazis, Worldlink marketing manger.

The product is designed to enable users to send files and messages securely and simultaneously to a number of recipients. It runs using Quick

Corn's serverless software platform, which enables any number of sites and users to inter- connect anywhere in the world. Using this sys- tem, shipper's private data can be exchanged directly between sender and recipient, in real time or within a scheduled time frame, helping to enhance information security, while improving network performance.

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Now with leak detection"

Smart Radar Level

Sensor with Generic

RS485 Output

The first flat array antenna for liquid tank gauging.

This software driven array allows for each sensor to remotely configure itself for the type of product as well as the structural characteristics within each tank. It is completely self-diagnostic and is factory calibrated using a laser interferometer to •1mm. It is designed for the harshest environments and can be provided in a high temperature version to 385°F. It is intrinsically safe with Class 1, Div. 1,

Group D & C approvals. As a smart sensor, all processing calculations and software are resident in the device itself, only a high level generic data output, i.e., RS485 (or others on request) is sent to the cargo control area.

Options: • Multiple alarm set-points • Temperature • PV Pressure • I.G. Pressure • Tank Management Software • Automated draft and trim s


SYSTEMS, INC. 800 Ferndale Place

Rahway, NJ 07065

Call today for more information! 732.382.4344 732.388.5111 fax e-mail

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