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An innovative new cutting system — consisting of a special cut- ting wire equipped with cutting brushed coated with abrasive metal, connected to a hydraulic system — was devised by Smit to remove the heavily damaged bow section and increase the sta- bility of the vessel for recovery. It took 10 days to cut off the bow.

Smart Electronic

Level Switch with

No Moving Parts

The Sea Switch Two was designed and patented for all tank applications. The Sea Switch Two offers a reliable solution for liquid level detection and control for cargo, ballast, and storage tanks, without any moving parts.

The Sea Switch Two uses a fully static system that is based on the propagation of an acoustic wave into a metallic rod. A piezo-electric sensing element produces a wave along the rod. As the liquid reaches the sensing element the oscilla- tion stops and the alarm is activated.

The Sea Switch Two sensor detects high, high- high, or low level in any liquid with an alarm output given by a dry contact or current loop change 6-18 mA. • Easy installation • Self-test built-in • Fully static system - no moving parts s


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Raising Kursk required unprecedented innovation and cooperation. The precision controlled lift took nearly 10 hours, after five intense months of preparation, and benefitted from good luck from Mother


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