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SatCom @SEA(mail) Launched

Marl ink launched @SEA(mail)

Network, an addition to its @SEA(maiI) portfolio of optimized communications solutions. @SEA(mail) Network offers all the user benefits and value-added services of the @SEA(mail) Standalone version, such as full duplex data transfer capability, high compression ratios, crash recovery feature, fax and telex transmission, virus scanning and mes- sage filtering. By providing multiple e- mail addresses per subscription, each vessel/subscriber can allow separate and private use of e-mail correspondence to members of the charters or crew, or other persons aboard ship. @SEA(mail)

Network is suitable for operation on:

Inmarsat A, B. B-HSD, M, Mini-M,

GAN/M4, Fleet ISDN, Iridium, ISDN and PSTN landlines, as well as most

GSM systems.

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Sailor Fleet77 Launched

Sailor introduced the new satellite communications terminal Sailor

Fleet77. Sailor Fleet77 enables each vessel to stay on-line constantly at no charge from Inmarsat, with only charges for the transfer of megabytes. The ves- sel's various needs for voice, fax, e-mail and Internet services can be covered by the Sailor Fleet77 system. The Sailor

Fleet77 communications terminal offers high-speed and cost effective voice and data communication based on either

MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service) with constant on-line access or 64 kbps

ISDN connection.

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Nera Introduces F33

Nera SatCom AS, together with

Inmarsat, introduced the Nera F33 prod- uct concept to fill the gap between the existing Inmarsat Mini-M service/Nera

WorldPhone and the global Inmarsat

Fleet 77 service/Nera F77. The new

Nera F33 is based on the Inmarsat Fleet

F33 service concept, providing the light marine market with improved data com- munications from equipment suitable for the demands of today's commercial and leisure fleet. The launch of the serv- ice is due in early 2003. For vessels operating on deep-sea global routes, the new Nera F77, based on Inmarsat Fleet 77 services would be the preferred installation. Fleet F33 is designed to fill the gap between the two existing servic- es. The F33 terminal antenna is consid- erably smaller than the global Nera F77, making it suitable for smaller vessels and any light marine vessels with IP- requirements such as smaller yachts, fishing vessels and smaller coastal fleet.

Ottar Bjaastad. Nera Maritime

Business Manager, said, "By launching

Nera F33 we are responding directly to a market sector whose data require- ments have outgrown the capabilities of

Mini-M. but which may be exceeded by the Nera F77's comprehensive service offering.."

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Ships have become terrorist targets and potential terrorist weapons. m

Shipowners must meet new international - and national regulatory standards designed to minimize such threats. •.

ABS has developed a clear, concise Guide for Ship Security to assist owners understand these new requirements and develop practical strategies for compliance.

Simply call your nearest ABS representative to discuss how ABS can help you develop and implement, an effective, approved ship security plan.

Setting Standards of

Excellence in Marine and Offshore Classification

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MTN to Supply NCL Ships

PCTEL, Inc. is providing wireless access hardware and software products to the cruise line industry through its commercial agreement with Maritime

Telecommunications Network (MTN).

MTN. a provider of maritime communi- cations deployed PCTEL's WLAN

Network Gateway, Roaming Client and

Installation Wizard software products

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