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Vessels the first ULCC to lift a cargo of fuel oil in Rotterdam for delivery to Singapore.

Both vessels have also lifted a number of cargoes from the AG for discharge in the U.S. Gulf. Hellespont Tara, the third of the series, was delivered in November 2002, and the Hellespont Fairfax, the fourth and final ULCC, will be delivered this month. Built at Korea's Daewoo yard to LR and ABS class, the vessels set new standards for large tanker strength and speed.

The vessels are single screw tankers with 21 cargo tanks including 2 Slop

Tanks. The cargo tankers are three across with piping for three grades with double valve segregation. Each ship is double hull with watertight centerline longitudinal bulkhead in the double bot- tom. Extreme design Hog/Sag bending moments are 1.510.000/1.090,000,000

Tm. The ships are each built from less than 38 percent high tensile steel.

Hellespont Alhambra Main Particulars

Flag Marshall Islands

Port of registry Majuro

Owner Alhambra Corporation

Class Lloyds Register+100A1, Double Hull Oil Tanker. ESP.


Builder Daewoo Heavy Industries

Yard Hull No 5183

Delivery 3/7/200

Cargo Tanks 21 (incl. 2 slop tanks)

Speed 16 knots (17.5 ballast)

Length, o.a 1.246 ft. (380 m) b.p 1.200 ft. (366 m)

Breadth 223 ft. (68 m)

Depth, molded 111.5 ft. (34 m)

Keel to Mast 242.6 (73.96 m)

Tonnage Gross/Net

International 234.006T/162,477 T

Suez canal 235,449 T/234,454 T

Main Engine HSD SULZER 9RTA84T-D

MCR 50,220 bhp @ 76 rpm

Propeller MMG40-blade -10,500 mm diameter

Design stress less than 90% of LRS

Auxiliary Boilers MHI

Exh. Gas Economizer Kang Rim Industries Co.

Diesel Generators

Engine Wartsila NSD, 3 x 9L20, 1530 kW@900rpm (each)

Generator 3 Hyundai 1450kW @ 900rpm IP44 enclosure.

Emergency Generator

Engine MAN.D 2840 LE 201.515 kW 1,800 ipm

Generator Leroysomer

Fresh Water Generator Sasakura Engineering

Waste Oil Incinerator Hyundai-Atlas

Liquid waste 82 l/hour 8,600 kcal/kg

Solid waste 150 kg/hour 2.400 kcal/kg

Cargo and Ballast System

Cargo Oil Pump Shinko Ind. Ltd.

Cargo Stripping Pump Shinko Ind. Ltd.

Ballast Pump Shinko Ind. Ltd.,CV500

One set steam( 18.5 Bar) turbine drive and one set with elect, motor drive 660 kW

Tank Cleaning Machine ScanJet Ltd.

Deck Mount 62 single nozzle SC90T (87 cu. mVhour @ 8 Bar)

Inert Gas System - Hamworthy KSE

Cargo, ballast valves Nakakita Seisakusho Co.Ltd.

Fire Fighting

Cargo Tank Area

Engine. Pump Room .

Unitor ..Kashiwa

Fire Detection

Accomodation Saracom-Thorn. Manual call point

Engine Room Saracom-Thom. Manual call point

Deck Machinery

Steering Gear Yoowon Industries Ltd

Windlass Rolls Royce, 2 sets Brattvaag BF2M41

Mooring Winch Rolls Royce. 12 sets Brattvaag WMC4I030-2T-N.

Hose Handling Crane 2 sets HYDRALIFT

Provision Crane HYDRALIF

Life Boat Schat-Harding, 2 x 50 persons.

Life Raft RFD Limited

Bow Anchor Inchon Iron & Steel Co.

Chain Cable Dai Han Anchor Chain Mfg. Co. Ltd.

S-Band radar JMA-9833-SA JRC

X-Band radar JMA-9823-7XA JRC

Magnetic compass 1 SH-165AI Tokimec Inc.

Gyro compass 2 TG-6000 Tokimec Inc.

Docking/Speed log I SAL-860 Consilium

Echo sounder 1 JFE-585 Japan Radio Co.Ltd

Global positioning system (DGPS) 2 JLR-7700 JRC

Rudder angle indicator 1 DIC-3C-300R Instrument Co.Ltd.

Rudder angle indicator 2 DIC-SL-200R Instrument Co.Ltd.

Rudder angle indicator 1 DIC-FF-130R Instrument Co.Ltd.

Whistle system air horn(radar mast) Saracom

Whistle system electric(fore mast) Saraco

Marine Electric clock MRC

Auto Pilot Tokimec

ECDIS/Total Nav. 1JAN-3598 JRC

Conning Display 1 NWU-198 JRC

Hull Stress & Mon.Sys 1 S.M.A.R.T. BMT SeaTech

Voyage Data Recorder 1 VER-3000 Broadgate

Radio Equipment 500W MF/HF radio equipment 1 JSS-850 JRC

Navtex receiver 1NCR-330JR

Satellite EP1RB 406MHz 1 TRON40S JRC

SARTs Search and rescue radar trans 2 JQX-30A JRC

Two way transceiver VHF 3 JHS-7 JRC

VHF Marine 4 JHS-32A JRC

Inmarsat C 1 Jl.T-.-75C JRC

Inmarsat MiniM I Marine WorldPhone ABB - NERA

Inmarsat B Ship Earth Station 1 JUE-310B JRC

Facsimile Hi-Speed(SAT) 1JAX-831 JRC

Weather Fax 1JAX-9A JRC

Public Addressor 1 MPA-3400DC MRC

Common Aerial Sys CAC-953 MRC

Auto Exchange Tel 1 MCX-2064 MRC

Sound Power Telephone 2 LC-812A MRC mj n ) jj j °fl ^*|PREMET XL

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