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Spain approved as a repair center for GTT cargo containment systems. Agreements are also in place with various specialist subcontractors and equipment manufac- turers in the marine LNG field.

Building on the group's well-devel- oped business links with the Norwegian shipowning and offshore communities,

IZAR has broadened its activities in the marine LNG field by attracting a con- tract for a floating gas processing plant.

The unit has been designed to withstand the rigors of offshore duty in the Barents

Sea, close to Melkoya Island, off north- ern Norway.

Scheduled for completion in August 2003, the LNG barge has been ordered by the Norwegian state-owned energy group Statoil for use on the Snohvit field. Specified to main dimensions of 505 x 177 x 29 ft. (154 x 54 x 9 m), the barge will house about 24,000-tons of equipment to convert natural gas into liquefied form. The project has been assigned to IZAR Fene shipyard, a spe- cialist since 1987 in offshore unit design, engineering and construction.

The unit will have a steelweight of some 8,500-tons.

It is anticipated that around 70 cargoes of LNG will be shipped each year from the floating liquefaction plant, which is part of Statoil's ambitious program to develop offshore natural gas resources from the Albatross, Askeladden and

Snohvit fields, not far from Hammerfest.

Snohvit alone has recoverable reserves of 193-million cu. m. of gas and 113- million barrels of condensate, and is due to start production in 2006.

An issue of IZAR's participation in joint industry research endeavors is a proposal for floating plant incorporating gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology to extract and convert gas from marginal or remote offshore fields into premium grade liquid products.

While specialist process companies are addressing the challenges of 'marinizing' GTL systems used ashore,

IZAR has been studying the technical and design needs of a floating structure supporting such plant, exposed to vari- ous, difficult sea and weather scenarios.

The extensive experience of the Spanish group's Fene yard in constructing FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) units has been brought to bear on the latest studies.

One proposal centers on a 1,148 x 328-ft. (350 x 100-m) design concept, known as the Ultra Large Floating pro- duction System (ULPS), intended as a 'compact' solution for the production and storage of large volumes of both

GTL and oil products, for transfer to shuttle tankers. The ULPS could be accommodated in the Fene yard's build- ing berth. A second, innovative concept under investigation by IZAR Fene is a combined FPSO (CFPSO). This would comprise two 'standard' size FPSO units connected by means of an articulated arm, and each devoted to similar or sep- arate process functions, be GTL or crude oil. IZAR broad-based resourcing for research and development, across the range of technologies spanned by its tar- get markets, underscores its long-term approach to the business, and the con- viction that such a commitment is cru- cial to ultimate commercial success. iTmoiNC rnirimi iiMiroTiniMr i inKn ic lui n iui inn i iui i _>

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