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Wing Inflatables manufactures origi- nal equipment and replacement spon- sons for virtually any RIB. Whether airholding or air/foam hybrids, all of

Wing's tubes are U.S.-designed and manufactured, using 40 oz. industrial grade. 100 percent polyurethane coated fabric. The use of this specialized fabric, coupled with Wing's advanced construc- tion techniques and unique design. ensure a precise fitting, low maintenance tube incorporated within each RIB.

Combining the resiliency of Dow 2.2-lb.

Ethafoam. the strength and durability of a polyurethane sheath and the pneumat- ic shock absorption of an air bladder. creates the air/foam hybrid collar. In addition. Wing's air sponsons. which attach to any RIB hull, provide a soft impact and less shock to the vessel dur- ing boarding operations. Air inflated tubes also bend under pressure, thus offering shock absorption at higher speeds and increased maneuverability in rough seas.


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Zodiac's new Ribster 530 Light Strike

Craft (LSC) amplifies the advantages of past designs to become a long-range combat rubber raiding craft (LR-

CRRC). The Ribster, a military folding rigid-inflatable boat (RIB), iis also suit- able for local law enforcement agencies seeking to improve their mission capa- bilities for maritime patrolling and to enhance the security of waterfront com- munities. Zodiac's patent-pending

Ribster series are the first military RIBs with foldable, collapsible and storable hulls. This combined advantage of the rigidity, seaworthiness, speed and com- fort of a RIB. with the convenience of a totally collapsible inflatable, makes it the right choice for professionals who need tough, durable boats, but whose storage or transport space is limited.

The Ribster performs like a RIB. but folds into a bag. Both the rigid hull and hard deck are comprised of stackable. aluminum pieces that make assembly a quick and easy process. The Ribster is easily assembled and disassembled by three persons without tools, and goes from "box to boat" in less than 20 min- utes. Measuring in 18 ft. (5 m), the new

Ribster 530 features a number of design improvements that make it "mission ready" for long range patrols. The

Ribster utilizes a heavy-dutv aluminum hull that is structurally reinforced for added durability and toughness.


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